USS Liberty Archive

The heavily damaged USS Liberty the day after the attack.

13/08/09-The Liberty Incident–Truly a National Disgrace

08/06/09-USS Liberty Remembered 42 Years later

08/06/09-USS Liberty Rememberance Message

09/06/08-Assault on The Liberty

07/06/09-”The Attack on the USS Liberty”: A Book Review and Much More…

07/06/09-USS Liberty: Navy Vet Who foiled Israeli Attack Honored

06/06/09-Denied Infamy: The Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty

29/05/09-USS Liberty Survivor, recieves Silver Star for Valor

22/03/09-USS Liberty: The Fifth Fleet Sacrifice-Why did it Happen?

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  1. kalte lokshen at |

    If you are all of a sudden you are in favor of the US – how come Palestinians danced on the roofs when the World Trade Center twin towers were taken down by aircraft with innocent Americans inside?



    Elias Reply:

    Your facts are inaccurate. it was 5 dancing Israelis!
    see this video:



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