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Shaking off is the literal translation of Intifada.”



The Mission:

As you are aware, we are now in the fight of our lives with Mainstream Media and sponsors to bring you the TRUTH about the illegal occupation of Palestine.

The founder of I.P. was frustrated with the scrapping of  important stories by “Mainstream Media” which buckles under zionist pressure and hasbara or compromises the truth  with the fear of advertiser backlash for reporting fair and balanced  facts on Palestine and events in the Middle East.

Our goal is to provide a solid Alternative platform to analyse, highlight and broadcast the struggles for freedom and justice in  Occupied Palestine against those complicit in the crimes against the Palestinian people and information about the global Palestinian resistance/solidarity movements.

Intifada Palestine is  committed to exposing the Zionist lobbies’ control of American policy for the Middle East and has begun to trend series of themed articles and exclusive Op-Ed’s from our prominent contributors from around the world who are dedicated to providing readers with further insights into the workings of the Zionists, AIPAC and the Israel Lobbies in the US and other countries generally hidden by the mainstream media.

Site History:

Intifada Palestine was started as a pro-Palestine blog, went live on January 11th, 2009. Almost 2000 articles had been published in the first year alone. This website is managed by a single person committed to providing truth to the world that is purposely misled by inconsistencies, incomprehensible propaganda and lies against the people of Palestine.

The website is continuously updated throughout the week, 24×7, 365 days, providing valuable media reports, commentaries, interviews on Palestine and the most important Middle East political events via high quality videos and graphic illustrations.


About The Editor:

Elias Farhud Harb  is an exiled Palestinian based in Mexico who is not affiliated to any political party. He champions human rights and justice for all people.

The principled motivation of this Editor is found in the following quotes :

“The vast majority of our people are now thoroughly sick of the misfortunes that have befallen us . . . On the other hand, I have never met a Palestinian who is tired enough of being a Palestinian to give up entirely.” — the Late Professor Edward Said, 1986.

“I know they‘re strong and can invade and can kill anyonebut they can’t break or occupy my words” — the Late Palestinian Poet –Mahmoud Darwish


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