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  1. Chris Berel at |

    This is the same court that seriously considered the flat world debate.


  2. Peter Gelezius at |

    The Palestinians lot the war,now live with it and assimilate. It is not the first conquered group. The madero us tactics of bombing civilians will just prolong the hate


  3. Emmanuel Tierra at |

    I ABSURD PREMISE that Governments, peoples, religions, ethnicities or groups commit could commit War Crimes:

    1 War Crimes are SPECIFIC violations of Laws of Armed Conflict by SPECIFIC INDIVIDUALS.

    2 Domestic Civilian Tort Law that incorporated agencies can be held liable does NOT apply vis-a-vis International Law- Laws of Armed Conflict;

    3 War Reparations are NOT International Law contracted through multi-nationstate agreement,i.e., UN Charter: War reparations are bi-lateral contractual law,e.g., bi-lateral Treaty Obligations.

    II ABSURD PREMISES that nation-state sovereignty could vacate Laws of Armed Conflict or that UN Membership provisions immunity to Governments to contravene LOAC & UN Charter articulated purposed principles.

    1 PH 7. “As for the state of Israel, the Amicus Curiae-Defense team…The team argued that international law does not allow the state of Israel to be impleaded as an accused, because Israel is a nation state recognized by the UN and thus enjoys immunity for the crimes of genocide and war crimes.”

    1.1 The principle that War Crimes are committed by persons & NOT governments is NOT EQUAL to governments enjoying immunity from LOAC & UN Charter.

    2 The confusion stems from equating sovereignty with sovereign powers:

    2.1 Sovereignty is the held in Trust by the People, for the People, and it is of the People of the respective nation-state: Incorporated Agency of the People who may be compared to stockholders.

    2.2 Sovereign Powers are held in Trust by the political Agency of Governance aka Political Administrators that may be compared to CEO & The Board of Trustees.

    III ABSURD PREMISE that the CEO & Board of Trustees [e.g., Political Administrators in possession of sovereign powers] could interpret their office titles to be equal with licence to violate the Human Rights [e.g., International Law LOAC Humanitarian Law] or licence to violate the Civil Rights [e.g., Domestic Charter of Government] : This is to equate there office titles with immunity to engage CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE for their own self-interests to the detriment of the their stockholders [The People] & in violation of the Laws of Nations & Humanity.

    1 Sovereignty may be compared to the Charter of incorporated agencies [Corporate by-laws] that outline the powers:

    1.1 Whereof, each nation-state is independent from all others as the comparable Corporations of Mobil, Shell Oil, British Petroleum, etc are all independent from each other: Each with their own CEO & Board of Trustees [Governance Agency]

    2 All Governance Agency [e.g., Political Government] must comply with Federal Law [LOAC & UN Charter]

    3 All Governance Agency must comply domestic Charter

    4 When the CEO & Board of Trustees in the political world of nation-states violate domestic charter or International Law:

    4.1 They cross the threshold into ZERO LEGITIMACY and removed through domestic action or international action.


    1 Netanyahu Regime that is engaged in WAR CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE has ZERO International Law legitimacy: Its Regime in UNLAWFUL possession of the Agency of Governance of the State of Israel.

    1.1 ABSURD PREMISE that the object of bi-lateral negotiations could be to CONTRAVENE International Law of UN Charter & LOAC

    2 Abbas Regime

    2.1 has ZERO domestic legitimacy: Whereof, Palestinian Authority is Parliamentarian System

    2.1.2 Executive function Ministerial Cabinet derives its powers from Parliament

    2.1.3 Palestinian Authority Parliament is non-existent: Terms expired in 2010

    2.1.4. Abbas Palestinian Authority domestic Regime Legitimacy is NON-EXISTENT

    2.2 Abbas Regime International legitimacy: Palestinian Authority is a Palestinian Liberation Organization subsidiary organ:

    2.2.1 Palestinian Authority is a LOAC Civil Defense Agency with ZERO sovereign powers

    3 ABSURD PREMISE that two UNLAWFUL agencies of Netanyahu Regime & Abbas Regime could conclude a bi-lateral International Instrument of Agreement.


    1 Indictment of the State of Israel violates International Law principles of Laws of Armed Conflict

    1.1 Nation-States cannot be indicted

    1.2 Governments cannot be indicted

    2 “in absentia” violates principles customary jurisprudential law: Defendants must present & have the right to confront their accusers

    3 Malaysia Court: “Court of conscience” must apply the qualifications of International Law or be qualified as political theater

    VI LOAC Geneva Conventions

    1 Geneva Conventions Military War Crimes Tribunals : War Crimes Tribunal are to be held in the territory of nation-State where the alleged War Crime occurred

    1.1 USA Military Commission at GTMO itself is a CONTRAVENTION OF Geneva Conventions: Whereof, alleged War Crimes occurred in other nation-states territories.

    VII Principles of Nuremberg Tribunals

    1 Tribunal within Territory of a belligerent to the Conflict

    VIII Genocide Convention:

    1 Tribunal within Territory of contracting powers.

    IX International Criminal Court

    1 Contracting State referral

    2 UNSC referral

    3 Qualifications for jurisdiction are to be fulfilled.

    X ABSURD PREMISE that any authority could claim to be enforcing law when itself is in violation of the law.


  4. Roger Thomas at |

    The Zionist thugs can wriggle all they like but the verdict of the KLWCT exposes the truth for all to see. Even before the (illegitimate) declaration of statehood, the Zionists had initiated their reign of terror, massacring villagers and terrorising the whole Palestinian population in a proven policy of ethnic cleansing which continues to this day.

    With its brutal, inhumane occupation and ongoing, ruthless colonisation, this abomination of a Zionist regime flouts every law of Man and God.

    Let us hope that the Tribunal does publicise its findings throughout the World, bringing closer a declaration that Israel is a pariah state, shunned by every civilised country and every humane individual.

    BDS NOW!



  5. gmathol at |

    …moderating sucks!

    So stick with your Jewish friends and accept their criminal acts.


  6. pete at |

    Israel is immmune from war crimes? How do you sleep at night you members of congress and the senate. If any other country did what Israel does to the Palestinian we would probably invade them. Well I guess little palestinian children and women do not count because obviouly they are less than human. Does our government not realize how cowardly we look to the rest of the world. Israel is our allie? Does that mean they can murder innocent people with impunity. Israel has the right to defend itself but the other peoples of the middle east do not.As I write this Joe Biden is on television wereing a yamulka as he speaks at Sharons funeral.Auntie Sam your testicles are being kept in a mason jar in Tel Aviv. Have you no shame? It will be interesting to see what O,Bams will do when congress gets the 67 votes to override O,Bama going to war with Iran. If he say,s to congress,screw you,we are not sending any more of our young people to die for Israel he could go down as one of the great presidents. For those of you that think he is bad wait until Hillary Clinton gets elected & I am sure she will. She has a orthodox jew son in law who I know when we go to war with Iran will volunteer to fight on the front lines. Sure he will. And then there is the ultimae warrior Bill Clinton who recently said tp Aipac, if you are attacked I will be the first in a trench to fight with you. Where was he when it was his time during the Viet Nam war, Hiding in the mountains smoking pot with Bigfoot? We have totally lost our morals and our only loyalty is not to America but to Jewish money.


    Chris Berel Reply:

    I wonder what they call people that write the above?


    pete Reply:

    What are you trying to say Chris?


  7. Winston at |

    The highest praise and best wishes to Malaysia for being willing to uphold the Court of Law as the sacred guardian of human rights and justice.The world must demand The Hague and other prominent world courts address the problem of Israeli War Crimes too or lose all credibility as functioning non partisan courts of law.


  8. Fakhrul Ferdous at |

    The Zionist Israel is the No.1 criminal of the world,should be brought under justice,
    an enemy of mankind and civilization.
    May Allah bless the Palestinians and all human beings on earth.



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