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    Governments of the West, Israel and the Gulf States take note. Here is a true Statesman, who has the interests of his country and his citizens at heart. It is clear they are like his own family to him, and he has said many times before he would die fighting for Syria rather than leave it to the dreadful fate our own psychopathic leaders have carved out for it.
    God Bless Russia, China and Iran for standing by Syria, and let us not forget that the good people of Turkey have a great love for their neighbours. Erdogan has attacked them with tear gas and violence when they have demonstrated against his treachery. Indeed, good people everywhere rose up to prevent the PTB of our lands attacking Syria with cruise missiles last year. No matter how these reptiles try to hide it, the truth will out. When this happens, we must stand together and make sure they have nowhere to hide. Long Live Syria, and President Bashar Al Assad.



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