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  1. Emmanuel Tierra at |

    American Governance vis-a-vis Israeli Zionism

    The American People are tired of the Israeli Zionists & American Zionists of Evangelicals.

    Bush43 Administration was the pinnacle of influence of Zionism in American Poltics & simultaneously the abyss of USA Middle East Foreign Policy.

    If Americans indeed have of object to pursue to establish Israeli-Palestinian Peace Agreement, The Republican Party is not the answer.

    The Republican Party has adopted Israeli Zionist modis operandi of disregard for the best interests of the people of the respective nation-state coupled with arrogance of self-idolatry interests.

    Israeli “Military Control” strategery adopted by the Bush42 Administration that is neither Strategy nor tactical applications within the context of Strategic Posture nor Defense Policy destroyed the USA economy with zero political objectives secured.

    WMD, protecting Israeli security, establishing democracy was thrown at the American People as being the political objective of the USA “War on Terror”.

    Wars expend resources, compound the original problem,& limit the political options when the only objective of armed conflict is enemy body count: Vietnam was where this lesson was inflicted on the USA.

    The USSR imploded of global governance because its external & internal security requirements burned up its economic engine.

    What has 12 Trillion USD purchased of security of its “War on Terror”? NOTHING, absolutely nothing.

    USA security interests paid for by 12 Trillion USD are comparable to a hamster spinning its wheel: It only paid for today’s security & not tomorrows.

    The Israelis with their “War on Terror” have not destroyed the Palestinian Resistance nor could they destroy the Palestinian Resistance when their “Military Control” Strategery is premised on a target assassination & collective punishment.

    The Management of Violence aka Armed Conflict has one political object: Establish Peace with the enemy government through regime change of establishment of a Provisional Government for the People of that nation-state that is at war with one’s own.

    The premise that Armed Conflict could be won through a body count war premises Genocide:

    1 Total warfare of annihilation of a people should not be confused with ethnic cleansing where the native population can still return to wage war as a Government-in-exile or at minimum as a war-by-proxie element of another nation-states Strategic Posture application.

    2 Nor should genocide be confused with its International Law qualification as War Crimes which defines ethnic cleansing.

    3 All the targeted assassinations & collective punishment by the Israelis perpetrated on the Palestinians have not & will not destroy the Palestinian Resistance.

    Israeli Zionists did not take into consideration the US Constitution into their attempt to usurp American Governance: US Constitution has International Treaty obligations which shall be that Instrument to destroy Israeli National Zionism war criminal enterprise of occupation of UNGA 181 State of Palestine

    Americans will decide for themselves of what character they pursue to be of Human Rights Defenders or Human Rights violators:

    Human Rights violators deserve neither Peace nor security.


  2. pete at |

    I hope you are right that our president is finally growing the balls to basically say ;screw you Israel; America first, unfortunatly if he does say screw you Israel, he will probably get his head shot off.[by a evil palestinian of course who we all know are evil they want to be free,live their own lives without worrying that they will be thrown out of their own homes[which of course they have no right to] I hope with all my heart we can break this yoke Israel has put on our country. God bless the brave people of Palestine. I wish to all my christian and muslim brothers a very happy and properous New Year.


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