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  1. pete at |

    It still bogglesmy mind in disbelief that a woman of Helen Thomas,s stature could be forced to resign over a remark like that. It is not as if she called for the destruction of the jewish state. I guess fredom of speech applies only when you do not criticize Israel. Doesnt our government realize this makes us look a bunch of lackey,s to Israel. Which by the way we are. News anchor Rick Sanchez was fired for saying the jews control the media and hooywood. Uncle Sam I think your next doctor,s appointment should be with a gyneocoligist.


  2. peter vojta at |

    At least, I can only aggree with article above. I have been stressing again and again, that Zionist regime and its supporters are the biggest danger and threat to Humanity. I am pleased, that description say, that “Fight against Zionism” will really by epic question …fight against Evil.
    Yes, GOOD VERSUS EVIL ..that is fight against Zionism / and its only child place called Israel/. Mankind has to succed and oppose this tragedy and collosal mistake from after WW2 and defeat this monsterous regime without control, without constitucion and monsterous ideology for any cost. There is no other way anyway. Zionism have planed only destruction, wars,terrorism nothing else…. Never ever came anything good from these “new brutal regime in ME”.And this fanatics did not finish yet!!!!!!
    Truth Jews endlessly speak against this LAST!!! blashemy agaist God, because Torah forbids Jewish people have its own state…ITS WRITTEN !!!!!!!!!!!
    If anybody have doubt, then think,was God some kind of Realestate agent working for such brutal tribe? 95 % mankind support palestine people strugle against brutal occupation by simple logig and truth …those supporting place called Israel have never understood message from most importent book in human history – Holy Bible.Its so sad and funny, because atheistic supporters of Israel support this place JUST because of scriptures. One has to smile if it was not so tragig for native Palestine people.
    Zionist simply oppose Gods instruction just like almost whole Old Testament – they will be supprice by events in the future.
    I only hope, that not one innocent Jew /meaning Truth Jew/ will not be harmed, when Gods anger /in any form/ starts to deal with those brainwashed Zionists….peter czech



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