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  1. B.Benhamid at |

    They say terrorism must be combated and produce it themselves!
    They say nuclear weapons need to be combated and have them self!
    They say they want peace but spread war!
    They say they are fighting for human rights and torture without remorse!
    They say their wars are about the protection of the population against tyrants, kill then exactly the people who they want to protect and put their own tyrants to power.


    pete Reply:

    The whole scenario is a joke, 1000,000 Iraqis dead. Did the innocents of Iraq deserve this? I do not think so. The same with Viet Nam, being of the world war 2 generation I actually believed we were fighting to save the world from communism, Bullshit it was about money, we lost 59000 of our young people over a lie.{gulf of Tonkin] The Vietnamese lost what ,2000,000 inocent people.I am glad I am allmost 80 yrs old and will hopefully take the dirt nap before I see what was once our great country go down the drain. [and it is going to happen] Like Pat Buchanan said in 20 yrs America will be a third world country. Are there no people left that care about the millions of innocent people that are killed each year by the elite of this world/ Why should they, its not their children who are going to get killed fighting their bullshit wars.


  2. Anonymous at |

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