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  1. Yochannan at |

    The question we all need to ask ourselves is, just who benefits from the United States stepping in the Syrian conflict (even while Israeli boots are likely already on Syrian ground). The answer is the Usurper State falsely called Israel (AKA the rouge State of the Zionists). Ever since the United States left Iraq (not really accomplishing much of anything) Israel wanted to get the United States and its military power involved in a new war against Iran. What better way for them to get America involved in Iran than by getting America involved in Syria and then with Iran at the very same time, and who knows who else will then become involved in the mix?

    Israelis love it when they can get the dumb American Goyim to die and spend their fortunes on their behalf. This way they can be in the position to steal more of their neighbors land and resources; to weld more control; oppress more people in the area, and kill more Arab children…..This is how Zionists reason, it is the thought process of the convoluted mind found in the religious Zionist Jew. Yet the fact is, Israel have only been successful in the past using Americas arms, lives, and fortunes, but this time I believe they will not be successful!


    pete Reply:

    You are 100% right my friend. How many Israelis will die if we go into Syria.NONE, They let others die for them. Does anybody in this country ever wonder who are we to demand proof that they have turned over their chemical weapons. If anybody demanded that of Israel they would laugh and them to pound salt up theis ass,es.How come Israel refuses to sign the nuclear non-proliferation treaty but others must. Does anybody ever wonder our goverment would do if a, lets say free american army started attacking washington, I know, The congress would invite them to a picnic on the white house lawn and serve them coffee and doughnuts. Who are we to be so holier than thou. We went into Viet Nam on a blatant lie and 59000 young Americans died. Never mind the est. 2 million innocent vietnamese that were killed by our self righteous government. They dont count, nor do the millions iraqis or lybians and afghan,s killed in our quest for their oil. Shame on you America you are every bit as bad as the nazis and especially those jerk off,s they call israeli,s.



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