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    He paints the pichture correct and there is a bigger issu at stake here, and its about the vedge driven into the religious world.

    Both Christians and Muslims have been prosecuted and slaughterd for milleniums.
    The situation is this:
    Some million “jews”.
    Hundred million Christians, mainly orthodoc christians, like the “turks”(khazarian decent) slaughter of Armenians, blamed to day on the Muslims at large, whilst it was “jewish” by hart and action.
    Lord knows how many Hindus, Tamils, Biddists, and so on, have been killed.
    Vietnam alone, incl the rand states, up to ten million and it kills even today.
    Tens of millions of Native americans, lord knows how many in Soth america alone.

    Why is this evil alowed to grow, and whats even wurse, it feeds on selfishness and greed.

    The fact is, that this division was intended, inplemented over a millenium ago, and this is what is the main motor behond this reasent wars and killings in the name of Islam.
    Both sides must be aware of this vedge, to resist this manipulation and twisting of the teachings of Muhammed(pbwh) and Jesus(pbwh).
    The internett is flooded with drivel, the zioNazis and their “freinds” are driving drivel into warp drive, in every aspect, from Biblical armeggedons to duling about End times.
    All with the underlining tone of Islamic invasion of the UssA.
    And so on, in a massive scale.

    I must warn You all, the bible is bollocs true out its entire teachings and words writen. The old tes. is even moore drivel, as an ex, just one I dont bother with more, and this is about the cousy history about Moses and his bith, with the river and princess and all, all this is taken from Sumer, and about Gilgamesj, straith form the Book.
    And He is not even the only one.

    The bible is just that, shitt, and the only deasent part is about the teachings of Jesuha Ben Joseph, the second oldest of 5 children.
    His words are the only way to go, as for the path layed out by the prophet Muhammed(pbwh).

    I hope that Muslims realise this, this is indeed the last days, wake up or perish.




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