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  1. andre at |

    Brilliant, well-written article.
    Not sure, (I don’t speak Arabic) but the writing style… the short, sudden bursts of simple truth (“that’s it”) amidst a… musical flow suggests to me a tongue… rare to hear in English.


  2. tarzan9600 at |

    @andre:We need to know that BHO Arabic language is limited;As a convert=mualaf he knows only obedient to the boss -the Wahhabist;to avenge the Shiite .BHO only want to please the boss.
    @Snarwani:Why don’t you show that after Syria and Iran,BHO duty is to invade USA our nation, on the instruction of Qur’an to dominate the world under Wahhabist sect,using or manipulating Islam Body ?
    t b cont.



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