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    Good article, though it could have used a lot of links to back up the claims.
    Just look at how many times the mainstream press these days mentionsthe National Salvation Front’s El Baradei as a “leader” of the Taranog mass movement, when he’s no such thing.
    He has no connection nor credibility with the masses; but the plan of the powers-that-be is ALWAYS to put some puppet at the head of the people… someone they can VOTE FOR every so often and who can give them comfortable-sounding words so they can go back to sleep, (long enough for the army to start rounding up dissidents, again).

    The proof is in the guy’s actions. Look at what he did during the LAST revolution in 2011 when, a day after Mubarak resigned, a million+ were STILL overflowing Tahrir, surrounding the palace and state tV, (a general strike underway) the people were actually close to pushing through a REAL revolution, (big enough to cause a breakdown of the army): at the crucial time El baradei came out and practically DEMANDED the military intervene to save…



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