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    Aas Salaamuu aa`laikuum, Haitham-

    As a student of Law and having varied interests in Mid Eastern especially Arab Iislaamic ethos-culture-religion and society a number of questions arise in my mind after reading your article, which i felt is full of a partial and biased partisanship.Of what i have understood after reading about Moohammad Bin Aa`bdul Wahaab that he was a religious-social reformer/rectifier against the many corrupt-superstitious evils that had openly come within the purview of Iislaam. The question also arises why will the British support him and his followers against the ‘Imperial-Colonial-Feudalistic’(all of which is again anti-Iislaamic, unIislaamic) Ottoman Turks with whom the imperial-colonial-capitalist British had good relations till 1913, prior to the starting of the First World War.

    If u study very carefully and neutrally you are going to understand that this ‘rectifying-reformation’ movement started the ‘Wahaabi and Faraadhi’ Revolt in the Indian subcontinent from 1820 onward continuing till 1860 and which very successfully challenged the ‘Imperial-Colonial-Capitalist’ British rule in the subcontinent, the richest and more prosperous in their empire. Therefore your contention that the ‘Wahaabis’ were all along aided and abetted against established Arab, Non-Arab Muslim rule by the Brits is unacceptable.

    Let us not disagree or debate on the fact that Ottoman Turkish was in no way a proper and valid Iislaamic rule.

    Saying all this, let me clarify clearly that I am in no way supporting the so called ‘Revolution’ in Syrian Arab Republic by Turkish and Jordanian trained regular army posing and faking as Syrian Aran rebels and fighting the Baa`ath party government.

    But I also find it logically-rationally difficult to accept that Aal-Qaa`edah is behind all this, why would a strong-cohesive organisation co-operate with the killers(USA and her NATO allies) of its esteemed leader Uusamaa-Bin-Moohammad-Bin-Laadin, makes no practical-prudent sense at all.

    These are all propaganda’s carried on by the ‘Imperial-Western-Colonial-Capitalist-Caucasian media having an aim to protect ‘vested interests’. Therefore let us not fall into this trap, for that will make us look really ‘idiotic-stupid’ and a ‘laughing stock’.

    I agree to your point that the present day Maamlik Aal Saa`udi Arabia’s ruling family has become a ‘lackey-stooge’, but this was never the case in Baadshah Faizal’s reign, he refused and that is the reason he was assassinated staging a ‘insane fall guy’.
    There are people in KSA who still do not support such a ‘lackey-stooge’ agreement, and that is one of the most important reason dont we see Saa`udi Arab nationals flocking under the banner of Aal-Qaa`edah.

    In conclusion it is my earnest request again that let us not be moved by ethno/national, sectarian/sub-sectarian or economic/political divide based hatred, but act practically rationally with an open and strong analyzing mind.

    Thanking for your time and patience, and hoping to hear from you again.

    With Warm Regards and no Malice/Mala-Fide.



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