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    We all know how the UssA slapped the UN around a decade ago, and now, the UN have becomed so trueoutly corrupted and false that its almoust Hilarious to watch this sherade the UN drivel about Syria.
    And Bank K.M. is a man with no intergety and morale.
    A lying pice of s….

    BK Moon have Zero credibility and is not even considered neutral at all, this asskissing of the insane UssAs slaughtering and wars done by the Admin, is even more despecable, and borders to direct head thrusting into any americans a..h… and hangs on like Hemoriders.

    No, this is a show of lunacy, wrapped into doplomatic drivel, and we all know this lies, we have heard them before, countless of times.
    A Pavlovian world where the wackos in the UssA runns it all, anyone in their way is labaeled, prefeable as a “terrorist” and some rounds with the Bucket and we all are “terrorists”, its like the Medival times all over again.
    And the mantra is, like in the medival times, if your body flouts in the water, you are a terrorist and sould be burned at a stake, if you sink and drown, You are inocent of charges.
    The locgic is staggering, and is becomed the new normal, guilty untill some one bothers to prove you are Not.

    They dont need to putt up fencess, they gott the hole planet.

    wake the f… up


    free Palestina



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