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  1. Michael at |

    Mr. Assad,
    You, Sir, have my FULL support. I know that you know that Obama Bin Laden and his prostitutes are trying to bring your regime down. As a white American, I wish Obama had your morals, your balls, I wish Obama had SOMETHING…but he doesn’t have ANYTHING but a fake birth-certificate.

    Mr. Assad, God Be With You, Sir.
    KICK SOME ASS !!!!


  2. African at |

    I pray for peace in Syria. Assad is the Lion of the Arabs.



    I am no great defender of unelected leaders like Mr Asaad, but in this case I support him and wish him success.

    The great writer, Graham Greene said:
    “…the writer should always be ready to change sides at the drop of a hat. He stands for the victims, and the victims change.”

    Syria is the victim in this case, and the bloody bullies attacking Syria are the United States and Israel.

    They hope to wipe Syria off the Middle East chessboard, leaving it a divided society with no central direction.

    Their efforts serve only the interests of Israel, just as the invasion of Iraq served mainly Israel’s interests.

    The brutality and hypocrisy involved are are breathtaking. The United States and Israel have gathered, armed, and harbored the most ruthless scum and injected them into what was a peaceful country, the very kind of cut-throats neither the U.S. nor Israel would even admit over their borders.

    The death of an American ambassador in Libya, about which no American official will talk honestly, involved the CIA gathering just such rabble and arms to send to Syria.

    The world is not a simple place of angels and devils, and while the United States likes to talk about itself as a bastion of freedom, the fact is that over the lest 40 or so years, it has been the most murderous nation on earth, killing 3 million in Vietnam plus a host of victims in Cambodia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, and many, many other places either invaded or toppled in bloody coups.

    The world can support a global dictator even less than an individual country can.

    And if you want the rule of law, you must abide by the rule of law, a principle which neither the United States nor Israel embrace.


  4. Chris at |

    Definitely not the words of a “Brutal Dictator”.

    This interview (and the fact that it will never see an American tv station) Is a clear example of how the USA (being “directed” by Israel) is running the largest world wide propaganda/terrorist campaign in history.

    God Bless the citizens of Syria.


  5. pete at |

    The United States and Israel say he is a tyrant therefor it is so. And you are right Chris, We are the total servants of Israel and you will never see anything even mildly critical of Israel in the American media,



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