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    Of course the American press did not air the skunking of Palestinian homes. It is a grave sin in theU.S. to critizize the holy of holies Israel. We in the United States are governed by eunochs whose testicals are kept in a vault in Israel. I am terribly disappointed in O,Bama, he has turned out to be a real pussy.Has anybody ever noticed that NONE of our politicians have ever visited a Muslim holy site. Yet every politician must wear a yomulka and pray at the wailing wall. I guess only jews count, the hell with the rest of the world, they are only cockroaches born to serve Israel.More is made over Irans nuclearer program than in made over N. Korea who has weapons of mass destruction. But I guess that is different, but then what do I know I,m just a dumb ass. Iran has not threatened us but N. Korea has threatened to nuke us.Israel is not obligated to obey international law, they are above all law.



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