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  1. peter vojta at |

    There is only one solution to this ongoing tragedy for whole of mankind….It is speedy dismanteling place called Israel. I support the idea/since Israel is reality/ to change Israels status to : “Israel – Province of Palestine”.
    Ofcource Israels illegal arsenal of WMD must be destroyed, IDF dismateled and UN peace force take charge for security in all territory Palestine / Israel to 67 borders will still remain good achivement for colonial ideology vaged by Zionist on begining of last century/.
    Situacion is becoming truly dangerous for Humanity as unreasonable fanatism on Israels side is closser and closser to horrors mankind never witnessed….
    Israel was most embarising mistake of UN, lets admit it, mankind MUST correct this tragig decision from after WW2 by concentrated efford rework its tragig decision quickly…..peter czech


    pete Reply:

    Israel was not a mistake by the UN. Truman was threatened by the then jewish lobby that they would push their resources to elect Tom Dewey and it damned near happened. Israel weapons of mass destruction destroyd, you have got to be kidding. Pres. kennedy isisted tehat their nuclear facilities at Dimona be inspected and we all know what happened to him.I would love to see Israel moving back to the 1967 borders but it aint gonna happen.Israel a province of Palestine is a nice thought but not as long as the united states is a province of Israel which it is.



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