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  1. Tony Riley at |

    My Israeli wife’s family – mother and father both lived in Morocco. In 1948 they both had their houses burnt down, and they had to flee. The Mossad didn’t do it.
    If you have any evidence of “False Flag” activities, I think you should produce it. It is a nonsense. The fact is that Jews were persecuted in Arab countries.
    A word to the wise – Ken O’Keefe is a dreadful racist. Your using him just underlines your own racism.


  2. Jonathan at |

    What do the actions of Germany and the US have to do with countering the claims in the article?

    Are you denying that Jews were thrown out of Arab countries?

    Abbas has openly stated that a Palestinian state would be free of Jews? Do you deny this? Are you not ashamed at yourself for your completely blinded journalism?



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