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    dr. davidson misses the point.
    zionism started long before the balfour declaration.
    1897 to be precise,they only got really active after Otto Warburg became president of the world zionist congress(1911),Rothschild’s right hand,and strong financial supporter of Rockefeller(“he who fells rocks”)
    Israel has served it’s purpose and is going to be sacrificed,like millions of jews were sacrificed in ww2.
    obama is Rothschild supported,and is just doing his job;dropping israel in the decisive moment.
    the zionists are desperately trying to change their destiny through a coup d’etat in the US.(Romney,neocon,mormon)
    war will come in israel,and then the dome of the rock will be attacked.
    Rothschild and rockefeller left all the proof of this laying around in jerusalem,for anyone who wants to see it.A monument and blueprint to their global dictatorship and a “story” reveiling the endgame for israel and the middle east.connect the rockefeller museum with the science museum,and the knesset with the israeli supreme court,and you’ll see the sword.
    next to the handle there’s the bank of israel and the finance ministry(the Gold).
    all these buildings have been paid for,and build on land owned, by Rothschild and Rockefeller.
    they represent their eugenics control grid;science,lawmakers,judges,gold,gold(all under the control of Bauer),and the executioner.(rockefeller)
    the point of the sword(the executioner)
    is build right next to the Dome.
    his name is ;he who fells rocks.
    read;Anton chaitkin(Rockefeller,nazi’s and mass murder.
    Rabbi Gedalya Lieberman(zionism and the holocaust)
    Simon Shama(2 Rothschild’s and the land of Israel)
    further study of this diagram, in the centre of jerusalem,will reveal the number 210,according to my calculations the rock will be attacked in 2012.
    american,british or israeli politics are insignificant ,if it comes to the fulfillment of this ,at least 100 year old,diabolical plan.



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