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  1. Anthony Clifton at |

    Quarantine the Talmudic Terrorists : ZIONAZI’s = “JEW” worshipping psychophants.

    Interestingly the so-called Zionist so-called “Jews” are NOT Hebrews, NOT SEMITIC, and NOT from the Tribe of JUDAH.

    [POSERS] Identity Theft in Palestine…This “Jewish” [TALMUDIC] Narrative only survives on Earth simply because the BRAINDEADGOY are TOO COMFORTABLE in their “JEW” worshipping Fantasies/MYTHS….STOOOOOPIDITY….No real benefits/value to believing the LIES.

    That doesn’t alter the agenda of the MASONIC/Talmudic TERRORISTS in the CURRENCY PRINTING/NATION RAPING “business”…the “MONEY CHANGERS & PHARISEES….SEE ZOG USA….!


    So-called “JEWS” are NOT Israelites, CAN NOT be “Israel” as Israel is a people not a collection of JEWISH PSYCHOPATHS…delusional in their “CHOSEN -NESS”….

    Syrians do not need a “DEMOCRACY”…nor does the “WEST”…Knowing the Truth concerning the Zionazi/TALMUDIC TERRORISTS…will FREE the world of these SATANIC = TALMUDIC = CHILDREN OF THE DEVIL so-called “JEWS” who are not Hebrews and NOT Judahites, not Israelites….

    *Issa Nakhleh chronicled the zionazi TERRORISM in PALESTINE in the *ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE PALESTINE PROBLEM…
    which all GOOD FAITH people should read and UNDERSTAND.

    CHECK OUT THE MASONIC LODGES IN SYRIA…specifically the 33rd degree “Masons”…! OK ?


  2. emilye at |

    The axis of evil the US/NATO/Israel must be resisted and broken.
    Only then will there be any real Arab spring.
    Only then will the planet become free from the greatest armed and murderous force and tyranny in our collective history.
    The people must unite and fight against this threat to life, liberty and any chance of global peace and universal prosperity.
    My best wishes to all the people of Syria resisting the terror threat against their nation, government and even survival.


  3. PJ London at |

    I see you still do not have your “Caps” key under control. Pity, because within that jumble of thought stream, you might have a point. Too bad you did not make it.


  4. Fakhrul Ferdous at |

    As long as the USA and Israel (Twin Terrorists)exists in this planet–the world is not safe– no one can live in peace.
    So,these twin should be——.
    May Allah bless all human beings on earth.
    Thanks to Mr.Nassar Ibrahim.



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