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  1. Skulz Fontaine at |

    The Arab League report will NEVER receive a fair airing from western media and especially so in the U.S..
    Heck, truth gets out and that’ll just muck up Obama’s designs for war on the Middle East. Syrian then Iran then Pakistan and, that might be close to Obama’s priorty list. Besides, the Obama is just taking his marching orders from Netanyahu.
    Excellent reporting I-P.


  2. PETER at |

    This is very depicable of the Western government bent on new kind of colonisation of ME and dominance over the world through Oil and Finance.

    We hope Russian and China will stay firm and prevent any no fly zone to allow terrorist Western nations’ planes to bomb purported “to protect” civilians(aka protect street gunmen).

    With air cover, these gunmen stands no chance and we do not think Turkey would dare to attack Syria.

    Syria is armed to the teeth with latest arms trained by iranians… these small bands stand no chance.

    No to worry so much… the west are no match on the ground.


  3. ABRAK at |




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