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  1. Ernest M. Trionfo at |

    I thought that “Al Qaeda” was a foreign toilet. Why not just call them foreign mercenaries and stop making a fool of yourself.


    Stop scapegoating corporations for what Jews are doing. The US is not turning the middle east up side down for corporations but for the Jews who own the US media, the Jews who control the rigged touch screen voting machines, and for the Jews in Tel Aviv.

    Stop propping up their stupid lies.



  2. Fakhul Ferdous at |

    The US-UK-ISRAEL gong will finish all regime
    seems threatened to them– today or tomorrow
    – by hook or by crook.
    They finished Saddam,Qaddafi and ousted others.They armed Taliban once in Afganistan
    and will arm more people in Arab-Muslim world.There is nothing new in it.
    The Muslims are fools, cowards an selfish.



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