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  1. waffenss at |

    1) Tel Aviv is too chickenshit to attack Iran they rather stick to their bombing and killing of innocent unarmed women and children

    and 2) You surely dont expect them to take up the (taken) job of policing this world ?!


  2. xexon at |

    It would be a mistake to think that the US controls Israel. Israel is controlled from London more that it is from Tel Aviv.

    But the same people who pull Israel’s strings are the same ones who pull Washington’s strings. So in that light, we actually share a common enemy. We’re both being used to further a global agenda. A 4th reich. With a one world government.

    Iran is a sideshow. A diversion to keep you occupied while this “New World Order” is slipped in beneath our feet. Iran wouldn’t be a problem if we didn’t make it into one. They’re being pushed into behaving badly so as to give us an excuse to enter their territory and re-establish the control we had over their oil during the Shah’s reign of terror.

    The zionists are behind all of this. But the people behind the zionists are the ones we need to focus on here. Certain old money European familes. Jewish, but in name only. Rothschild, Warwick, Rockefeller, etc. The same people who tried to take over the world in WWII. And no, it wasn’t the nazis. It was who backed them…

    Now, for the first time in history, and with modern technology, they actually have a chance at it.

    And they’re much further along with it than the nazis ever were.

    Don’t watch the bouncing red ball, people. Look for the hand that releases it.




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