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  2. george plantagenet at |

    This is all good and well, Mr Martin, but do you not see the hypocrisy of your own words? Allow me to outline it. You are not a native American. Your immediate ancestry is European. Large groups of Europeans, your immediate ancestors, pushed the native peoples of the Americas not into the sea, but into death camps (called government schools) where they were deliberately infected with tuberculosis. Every one of over three hundred treaties made by Europeans with Native Americans were broken. Until the 20th century there was a campaign of deliberate genocide. Most native American languages are now extinct. Most native American people live in poverty and are shunned by your society. They are strangers in their own home. There are more Palestinians and other Arabs in the USA than native Americans, invited by YOUR people. To date not one single Native American has served as president of the USA. Native Americans were not allowed to have US citizenship until 1922.
    All of those things happened while you and your family prospered. The economy of the USA was built largely on the labour of African slaves. Where are your scruples? Your family has done exactly the same thing you claim about Jews in Israel. You are nothing but a hypocrite, and so are all other Europeans in the USA who call themselves “American” and then scream about Palestinians. You are exactly the same as the people are you condemn. Now when native people from Mexico come to the US, people like you scream about how they are taking jobs and are illegal, when they have a more legitimate claim to living anywhere in the Americas than you or any other European. Maybe you should think about making reparations to Native American people which you personally owe, before you get on your white horse like Lawrence of Arabia, pretending that your own hands are clean.


    william james martin Reply:

    Well sir. There are similarities and differences. One big difference is that in 300 or more years since the English and European colonization began, the American body politic had grown and matured and many American regret injustices done to the native Americans. Thus all laws that discriminate have been eliminated and replaced with safeguards against discrimination, at least to the best of our ability. This is the 21th century, and age when egalitarian principles are universal – except in the one state of Israel which is determined to increase is degree of discrimination and degradation of the indigenous Palestinian population. Israel was never ‘a land without a people for a people without a land’ as you have been propagandized and lied to in Israeli public schools. But American almost was. The land was so vast, with the west coast being unexplored until the Jefferson administration, as to seem infinite whicle containing a sparce and undeveloped Indian population. Furthermore, very much unlike Israel,there was never an initial intend to create a state and displace the native population. The concept of statehood only crystalized a few year before the American revolution of 1776, still with about half the population being layalist by that date. Benjamin Franklin, eg, was a loyalist until just befor the writing of the Declaration of Independence. In addition, mistakes the American colonists made 200 years ago cannot be taken a a model of behavior now. Internation law has evolved over the last hundred, and it is clear that the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians by Israel, which you do not deny, is a war crime and a crime against humanity. A crime against humanity is a crime detrimental to all human being, not just its immediate victims.



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