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  1. Mhara Costello at |

    The “Islamist Hamas movement”just happens to be the democratically elected government of Gaza; elected in order to counteract the weak, corrupt, traitorous, lapdog PA Poodle, who would sell it’s own granny (and did) for US dirty dollars.

    How does an apartheid state,itself in breach of enough UN resolutions to cover the illegal wall of shame which bears its name,(whilst sTILL continuing to thumb its ugly nose at international law and get away with it)-how is it able to LEGALLY prevent a humanitarian effort to bring aid and support to an ILLEGALLY occupied terroritory? If ‘preventing weapons’ ( shed rockets against F16′S) is the best israel can come up with for stopping these boats,it seriously needs to consider changing its own repulsive behaviour-and quick! then no-one would need to bring imaginery weapons or anything else to Gaza ever again.



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