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    Jewish “heroes” are made according to an unwritten script that deludes humanity as to what ,exactly, comprises God’s perception of Jewishness from a loftier standpoint by far, than the selfish Jews of the wall can construe as ‘Jewishness”.

    Today, I received an email from Rebecca Wilkomerson, A Jew working with a nominee of the membership of the Jewish Federation from her post at Jewish Voices ofr Peace, Cecelie Surasky.

    Cecelie, running in the top ten among thousands of other nominees for this vaunted award, was STRICKEN summarily from the competition by some unseen US Jewish force that saw her Jewishness as a shame to their Jewish brand which supports shamefulness in the Israeli occupation and ribald Jewish bigotry against Arab Palestinians.

    What standard of Jewishness then does the Federation mete out to it’s constituents if a woman of Rebecca’s stature among peers is drawing support for her friend Cecelie after such a shocking affront to God’s definition of what Jewishness really is from a spiritual perspective of perfection in humanity as designed by it’s creator.

    Cecelie Suraskt, an angelic person of great faith, love and devotion to her people is ostricised for bucking the zionist system of Mossad rebuking every anti occupation mind as Jew Hating, even though they be Jewish people in God’s eyes, The Federation, drinking from the cup of mammon, issues her her walking orders away from their community, Jews saying to their peers, this woman isnt among us, worthy of our love, consideration and kindness, reverence and grace. The witness of this debacle of Jewish insecurity, selfishness and geopolitical religionspeak against a know good hearted Jewish woman is the disgrace of the century to modern Jewry if not of the millenium.

    Jews are people with Good hearts, not people who abuse their ethnicity to pass wrongful judgement of others without any sincere reasoning behind their errant judgments.

    Just as Israel deligitimises itse;f by working outside of humanities most vaunted and nessesary laws, concentions and resolve to mitigate the results of unjust military occupation with the intention of ethnic cleansing of some people for the edification of others holding their peoples, lands and dreams hostage to Jewish illegality, war crimes and threats of annihilation at the hands of NATO forces doing the work of mossad agents, not NATO’s nations peoples, but Israel’s nations people.

    Benjamin Netenyahu today, reinforces this edit of the Jewish federation to recently released prisoners in stateing that they will be tracked hunted and killed if they resist the occupation further, which is an unlawful statement of intention to commit further war crimes with further aiding and abetting from NATO, which must be disbanded if international law is to rule over humanity with fair consideration made for peoples under the brutal and undignified occupations of Israel and nATO.

    To me, I see very grave rebuke coming to a very specious Jewish horde whose irresposibility in their current states of positioning illicits the reation from US secret forces of removing them from their precious seats of sedition to jail cells for the rest of their lives if not tried for sedition and convicted and punished by the taking of freedom, holding lands and monies and rendering of these assets to the victims of thier crimes. If this just resolve of courts cannot be ajdjudicated by it’s benches and barristers, Saban, Soros Koch, the ZOA, Jewish Federation and their shady orgs ngos and lobbys must be forced from their positions in revolution, bloody though it may be, we the people have the right to throw off unjust governance by our right to assemble form militias and bare arms against corrupt governance treasonous affronts to justice and blashemous ethnic slurs against real Jews doing what real Jews do, showing their good hearts by their good works under G0d’s domains, If Cecelie is dismissed from the federations candidates for being a Hero to her people, a great crowd of Jews defames itsel;f, delegitimizing their way of life and with this their Jewishness, which God recognises not for virtue of their hatred and unfairness to humanity.



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