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  1. pete at |

    You are absolutly right,our congress acrs like trained monkies every time bibi opens his fat lying mouth.You speak of the USS LIBERTY & 9 out of 10 Americans never heard of it. I remember when it happened & it was barely mentoned in the news.Israel want,s us to release Jonathin Pollard so he can move to Israel.The last time I checked Treason and Spying were capitol offences usually punishable by death or life imprisonment without parole. Apparently this doe,s not apply to Israel.The whole congress has been lobbying for his release. I am sure it will happen sometime in the near future,I guess we must obey our masters in Tel A Viv.as far as our inability to stop the illegal settlements,the whole world could tell them to stop & they would tell us to scratch our asses. I honestly believe that nothing will change. Even if O,Bams stood up for Palestinian rights and statehood the cogress would bloch every bill he tried to pass.That is if they didnt kill him first.I firmly believe that Rick Perry will be our next President because he has stated that being an evangelican christian he must suoort Israel no matter what.Presidents in the U.S. todat are selected not elected. Whoever gives Israel the best rim job will be our President. Count on it.If you think O.Bama is an Israeli firster just wait till the next president is elected. All todays American politicians are beholding to these Nazi,s of the middle east.The America that we once knew and fought and died for is now extinct.We have beccome a nation ruled by another country head qaurted out of Tel e viv.


    Fakhrul Ferdous Reply:

    Do the Americans believe it at all?
    Thank you Pete for your analysis.


    pete Reply:

    I think we Americans are too lazy get off our television watching asses to wake up with whats going on in the world. I have talked to many Americans & almost all think that all Muslims want to kill everybody who is not a believer. This is bullshit, The Muslim man like any other man wants to get up go to work, come home eat his dinner & then play with his kids send them to bed & make love to his wife. I am sure he does not appreciate after all this to be waking up to a bunch of immoral prick soldiers telling him he has 15minutes to get out of his house so fat slob settlers can move in. No Fakruhl we Americans have been so brainwashed by the Zioist run media that we dont know our asses from a hole in the ground.



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