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  1. Bingo at |

    These low life hired thugs who do not have any noble objective other than money and power will be punished by Allah.

    It is very clear that the foreign enemy NATO,Israel,USA etc are with them in killing Muslims. The most significant incident happened in Iraq , Afghanistan and now Libya.

    It is obvious that the leaders who were running those countries were against the imperial power and was a threat to their global adventure of theft. They attack those countries again and again to subdue them. They Attack Iraq and Afghanistan , bomb the nuke plant of Saddam , imposed sanction for many years and killed many. This is sufficient indication that these regimes and its people were against the Zionist power.

    They were demonized first and then the attack proceeds. People of the world were quiet , out of fear and some of them stayed away from challenging the atrocities.

    BUT there are some people around that region who found something in common with the invading pigs and helped them invade the country! The Zionist do not attack them nor they attack the Zionist.

    After overthrowing the government of Iraq and Afghanistan those flunkeys assumed leadership in these countries under the leadership and protection by the invading pigs. These are the low life people on earth who have lost all moral.

    These lowlife element in the middle east are the asset of the invading pigs.

    NATO was so hurry to attack Libya but why are they so slow even to expose the bloody uprising in Syria??

    NATO will only attack Syria when the flunkey Bashar will be overthrown and the new leadership do not cooperate with NAT and Israel. The hired thugs are placed in Syria to protect bashar will join NATO then to attack Syrian people.

    “O you who have faith (in Allah) do not take (such) Jews and (such) Christians as your friends and allies who (ZIONIST) themselves are friends and allies of each other. And whoever from amongst you turns to them (for friendship and alliance) now belong to them (and not to us). Surely Allah does not guide a wicked people.” (Quran:5-51)

    The word ZIONIST doesn’t appear in the Quran as I mentioned in then parenthesis but the verse itself indicates the JudeoChristian alliance which didnt exist in history before the Zionist movement.

    I quote from Imran Hosein…..

    “They must know that the Qur’an does not here refer to individual friendship between a Jew and a Christian. Rather, the Qur’an anticipated more than 1400 years ago the mysterious reconciliation that was forged between most European Christians and European Jews – a reconciliation in which the Vatican played a strategically important role by way of exonerating Jews from responsibility for the crucifixion of Jesus the true Messiah (peace be upon him)).”


  2. dmaak112 at |

    Dr. Saliba deserves a round of applause for his insightful analysis of the Syrian turmoil. Unlike the vast majority of news coverage–video, print, internet, Dr. Saliba’s was thoughtful, historically based and penetrating.

    The only thing that needed greater emphasis is outside interference, especially by the US neocons. Twenty years ago, a group of journalists, politicians, militarists, and “academics” sought to merge American foreign policy to include oil interests, military-industrial interests, pro-Israeli interests, and a vision of US world domination. They became known as neocons. They submitted a plan for Israel and an outline for US preeminence.

    They identified “enemies” that “just happened” to coincide with Israel’s hit list. Those states or entities that were not already on the “good” list–Egypt, Tunisia, the Arab Gulf states, etc. became targets. They included Syria, Saddam’s Iraq, Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah, and eventually “terrorism.” Propaganda was cranked up to create the image of World War II by referring to these opponents as “axis of evil.” Any veteran or honest historian would dismiss this comparison–Nazi Germany and militarist Japan were far more powerful individually than all the above states combined let alone together.

    Over the past two decades, the US led coalition has sought the destruction of these states and organizations. There were two wars against Iraq until now it is a state in only name as ethnic and sectarian divisions has reduced it a petroleum pumping station. Twice Israel has moved against Hezbollah–with US/EU backing. The use of Lebanese politics attempted to undercut Hezbollah by using the death of Hariri as a club against them–even though evidence has shown that Hezbollah was not responsible. Hamas faced suppression by the US backed Abbas to overturn the local elections. When that failed, Israel et al resorted to blockade and starvations as well as military provocations. Subsequently, Israel invaded the Gaza Strip and devastated it. Attempts to relieve the suffering of the people–whether opening the barb wire between Egypt and Gaza or by sea have been forcibly closed by Israeli action or US manipulation.

    The consequence of the first Iraq war placed tens of thousands of US troops in Saudi Arabia which resulted in resentment to their presence. The embargo of Iraq with the resultant deaths of over one hundred thousand and the Israeli crushing of Palestinians on the West Bank fed this resentment and help to provide the means to September 11. Never one to lose a chance, the neocons in power under Bush junior have used this to destroy Iraq, occupy Afghanistan, expand military bases throughout Central Asia and conduct clandestine wars from Pakistan through Yemen to Africa.

    Now, a disparate group has arisen in Syria. Fueled by stagnating economy, severe drought conditions, a hostile Western environment etc. the protests have grown. What is not commented on is the wherewithal that feeds the disorder. Video phones, computers, financial support to overseas “leaders” to maintain their inflammatory orders, as well as growing evidence of weapons and increased pressure for Western intervention comes from more than just anti-Bashar Syrians. The list of enemies is long: Israel, Saudi Arabia, the Maronites, France, the US, Britain to name just the top few. The goal is that of the neocon’s–the destruction of Baathist Syria. This cabal is working 24/7 to bring about the collapse of Bashar Assad. The West’s claim of protecting and fostering democracy is disingenuous at best. America does not only ignore our allies that rule through authoritarian power, but we train military and police personnel to assist countries in crushing their own dissidents.

    The fall of Damascus will then see another push to destroy Hezbollah and Hamas, and drum up a war with Iran. Those Syrians who are really committed to a unified, secular, democratic state are dupes in a “game of thrones” and they are expendable.



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