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  1. Thomas Swenson at |

    If Americans only knew?? Things will change when Americans wake up and realize what’s going on??? That is just plain silly. Americans abdicated long ago common sense and common courtesy. Stop the nonsensical apologies for Americans. Americans are selfish, close-minded, self-absorbed sots who think twice only when they are losing a war, not because they are waging one. The only silver lining to the cloud of US-Zionist foreign policy is that it will drive the US economically into the ground. Embrace the economic self-destruction of the US, and stop wasting your time and effort appealing to a sense of morality in the the US body politic that never existed.


  2. Alan cabal at |

    This well not end well.


  3. mikael at |

    Agree, stopp exusing USA, they are the main force of wars all over the world.

    The best way of missinforming opinion, is to not inform them. Thats what is happening to day. AP is a scam and delivers word by word exatly what Israel/USA gov. want the world to “know”. Like the Israeli conflict, people that only know what Israel tels them are as far as I see them, druling idiots.
    Humans without any capasity and blatant stupidity would never to learn anything.
    Exept for watshing braindead TV shows.

    USA har been at war since the country was establised, for over 200 years they have attaced almoust the hole world.
    Why the hypocracy, or is it fear of the reald danger in this world.
    The goverment of USA.
    They have over a cause of ten years, produced hundred of thousands killed, ecen more, millions maimed. Several millions as refugees, draining western worlds economyand their own.
    Their finnance ind. have scamed and robbed the hole world.
    Look at the PIGS and Greeks, a residue of Goldman Sachs pirates svindling tour the force of the world.
    USAs wall street is the greatest threat to mannkibd, they are Finnancial terrorists, ruining the lifes of Bilions.
    And still people look the other way.
    That covardness is mankins absolut biggest threat, selfimposed ans selfmaintained.
    And above it all, a MSM so fu.. covards and so corupt that almoust everything they writh and talk about is lies, propaganda and constructed realitys(islamofobia).
    They have no credibility left.

    And still people consive Palestinians as a “big” problem.
    Fu.. morons.


  4. Howard T. Lewis III at |

    Israel is the City of London’s board game. To get attention drawn to Israel as a problem is to endanger the royals and the western oil people at their uninterrupted game.


  5. Dirk den Hartog at |

    @ Thomas Svenson

    You are spot on correct on all points.

    I am Ex American and Vietnam Veteran who escaped the USA in 1989. I thank my lucky stars daily that I am back in country of birth.


  6. robertsgt40 at |

    “AW: While no two situations are ever identical, it is clear that Israeli actions are a form of apartheid.”—Apartheid is much to benign a word to use when you are describing Israeli policies. It’s more like slow motion genocide.


  7. Johnny at |

    The main problem is that until now, there was no anti-Zionism large group or voice in the US, so a politiian that declared him/herself anti-Zionist would get votes from no one. Because the US is a very lenient and open country, the Zionists found themselves with unlimited possibilities. Zionism has a strong grip on the American government and it will take years, if not impossible, to remove this parastic instituion. Because of this, I suspect the Palestinian cause is lost and they will be eventually decimated by Israel and its attack dog, the US. In the short term, the Zionist US government will be enacting laws to make sure Zionism stays in power, trying to remove and silence dissenting voices.


  8. Bill at |

    Shades of the pre-cursor of the jewish Bolsheviks. Christians reading this need to be aware that these former Bolsheviks-turned-Zionists, killed over 40 MILLION Christians in their demonic cleansing of Russia. Their eyes are now on America.


  9. Dirk den Hartog at |

    Whats is truly as shame is that most Israelis aren’t even aware that Israel is becoming much like Nazi Germany. Same for the USA.

    Who can stop them?

    No one EXCEPT mother nature or perhaps they will implode on their own.

    Karma is always the great equalizer


  10. Fakhrul Ferdous at |

    Is Zionism so powerful?
    Is Israel is a legitimate state?
    Is it zeoperdising peace and harmony?
    Should US back Israel?
    Should Israel stay in the global map?
    Are those Israelis natural citizens?
    Is US congress free to take decisions without AIPAC?
    Where the US tax payers money is going?
    Aren’t Israel a apartheid country?
    Is international laws applied to Israel?
    Are the citizens of US free to criticize
    Is it not Israel establish on Palestinian land?
    Is not the people of Palestine(Jews,Christians and Muslims) live in almost peace and harmony before
    it was occupied by Israel?
    Is Israel powerful than GOD?
    Is Zionism beneficial for mankind?
    Is not USA digging her own grave supporting Israel?
    Are world citizens very much afraid of Islam and Muslims?
    Who staged 9/11 and US Liberty attack?
    Is not US have gone for proxy war in Afganistan and Iraq?
    Is not Anglo-French-America a oil monger?
    Aren’t they playing war game in Syria,Libya,Jordan and Egypt?
    Is it support democracy,peace,freedom,harmony what the Israel and US is doing on the earth?
    Are the Guamese have right to vote as US citizens?

    Answer of all these questions will go against the US and Israel.
    So, real peace loving citizens world, especially the Americans should try to get answers by themselves so as to support
    the right things.
    To some extent they are ignorant,happy with present,coward and fool some time.

    Time has come to wake up.And,to become free from the Zionist occupation in all sphere of life.Otherwise, everybody will lose their job including the President.

    May Allah bless the Americans from the curse of Zionists.
    Thanks to Khourosh Ziabari and Alison Weir.



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