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  1. Luke at |

    Great interview by Susan and Dr. Sabrosky.

    I almost felt like barfing, though, when they inserted that clip of the treasonous US Congress giving the war criminal and terrorism sponsoring monster Netanyahu 30 standing ovations.


    pete Reply:

    Likewise it makes me sick to see our so called leaders crawling in front of that fat tub of shit. Where has our honor and loyalty gone. We are OWNED by Israel, make no mistake about it.It is totally disgusting to see what was once a great and proud country crawling aroung like hungrey mice waiting for a few crumbs from the table of Israel. Oh America what have you fallen to.


  2. Papa97 at |

    It only takes one to stand up and others will follow.
    Some days I despair that they will succeed but then I think about how blatant they have been and that IF and when the good folk of America finally wake up to these dastardly Jews that are not Jews (it goes much deeper than Zionism) there will be some very very angry people out there.
    How many American citizens are aware for example that the U.S gives 70 cents per person per year in aid to say Africa India for example but gives SEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS to each individual ISRAELI via John Q taxpayer. WHY ???
    if there was a vote tomorrow it would stop tomorrow and well they know it.
    This is why the media absolutely has to maintain the myth that poor old Israel is the victim…. which anyone with a basic grasp of Israel’s (or more correctly Palestine’s) history is a carefully constructed lie cleverly guiding everyone away from the truth that Israel was brought into being by first stealing the land via backroom political skulduggery then once acquired cold calculated and brutal terrorization of a completely defenseless population of Arabs whom incidentally had lived side by side with what they regarded as their brothers in monotheism (the belief in One God)often so close that they celebrated each others holy days with one another for 1300 years.
    One of the saddest thing about all this is the fact that so many Jews themselves are ignorant of many of the hidden leaders machinations. Holocaust ‘dopplegangers’ co-opting the collective guilt of the Goyim to their own ends…… Not of course the actual posture that we non-Jews are so inferior to our Jewish masters as to not even warrant a decent burial rather we are ‘fit only to be thrown on a dung heap when we die’…. this is actual scripture and is part of the real truth that the infiltrators of the so-called ‘truth seeker’ movement do not want everyone to know. As long as they’re convincing the masses that it’s only the pesky bankers and the secular Rothschilds and not fanatical Jews (who are using their own ancient scriptures to justify their actions) then they are achieving their aims.
    If they succeed in achieving the planned one world government and the ‘Big Brother’ scenario of micro chipping every human being (thus maintaining total control) that will certainly follow, it is a very frightening future we will inhabit…..



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