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    NATO is the old colonial powers who organized the attacks on the ottoman empire to steal the oil. Document released by Russia show the England, France, and Russia had agreed on a method to divid up the land. France got Lebanon and England got the British Mandate. Russia got their revolution which pushed them at the time out of the picture. The British enlisted the help of the arabs how died by the thousands with Lawrence of Arabia. After defeating the Ottoman empire and driving the turks from the area the british accepted the suggestion from Lord Rothchild to create a jewish homeland on the land promised to the arabs who suffered so many deaths. The zionist who first arrived in 1880 did not help in the war effort. Now we have the same people who created the total mess in the middle by creating nations on borders that did not match the locations that different groups lived. NATO is used by the United States because it is so much easier to start a war without the restrictions of the United Nations. NATO has no reason to exist and it will eventually get Europe into trouble with all the different wars that they have planned. NATO is commanded by an American officer so nothing can be done without the approval of the United States President. In 1954 according to Moshe Sharet the second prime minister of Israel the zionist suggest to invade Syria because of political troubles but Ben Gurion elected to continue with the planned war with Egypt which happened in 1955. Of course the 1955 war was the “result” of Egypt taking the canal but the diary show it was planned several years earlier.



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