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  1. helen at |

    So true.Evangelicals are obsessed with Israel.They are nt christians at all really.They are wolves in sheeps clothing.
    I bet Jesus is embarrassed by them.They d hate Jesus if they met Him cos he cleared out the moneychangers aaand called them ‘thieves ‘ and ‘sons of their father ,the dEvil’.HE got the cross.
    Jews haugh at the ‘born agains’


  2. Fakhrul Ferdous at |

    It seemed to me, that, the US is happy to be
    enslaved by the Zionist Israel.And feel very proud to be– ignoring the patriot citizens hope and aspirations.
    America’s days are numbered.May be by 2050.
    May Allah bless America and save it from the curse of Zionist Israel– the enemy of peace and mankind.
    Thanks to Philip Giraldi.


    pete Reply:

    Greetings Fakruhl, You are totally correct,but I do not think it will take until 2050. Luckilly I will be long dead by then. Money & votes is all that matters to the paid Israeli whores in congress. International law? That only applies to everybody except Israel & the United States.Piss on everybody else.Our constitution has become a wothless piece of paper. And yes the America as we older citizens knew it is dead. I hope it is not too late to get our country back but i am not betting on it.We have become one of the most despised countries in the world. God & country, forget it. MONEY & VOTES is what counts. Shame on you America.


    Fakhrul Ferdous Reply:

    Peace be on you.
    Thanks for your heartfelt greetings,same to you,Pete.
    The way you understand your country,its misdeeds,politics and so on — do the others feel like
    you or understand?
    Why cant people organize themselves to protest all
    misdeeds of Govt.and oppose the Zio-nazi Israel.Are they very much afraid of Muslims and Islam?
    We are not that bad as we portrait by the WEST.
    America should come to sense and help solve the long
    pending Palestinian issue.


  3. Norm Goldstein at |

    These people are all phoney Christians, who really work for Satan.

    If Jesus was here today he would drop food and blankets on Palestine, not bombs.

    Most of these politicians and “preachers” are owned and blackmailed by Israel. They get free (long) trips to Israel on a very regular basis. During these trips they snort cocaine, have sex with prostitutes and children. Israel caters to the vices and perversions of their guests, and it’s all caught on hidden cameras.

    Sin , depravity, perversion, child molestation, and mockery of Jesus is what defines these whores of Israel. They are tools of Satan, like Israel itself.



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