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  1. mikael at |

    dont underestemate the USA financial meltdown. And that alone is making Israel nervus.
    Secondly, the biggest gain from this uprising is given to the Arab people.
    Frankly I dont give s shitt about the western hemisphere goverments desperat fight, and trying to coontroll events in the ME.
    The fallout rom this staggering hypocracy is , precisly that, displayed so openly, that you have to be etither blinded by your own propaganda or sheer stupidity.
    Its so obvious its mindboggeling.
    It wil dawn for the Israeli people that they are fooled and huddled like catle, soked in paranoia, fuled by hate and racism, thats a train thats is almoust unstoppable, they will countinue down that track til the engine runs down, they them selfs have to solve their own problems.
    Problems everybody else sees.
    The underlying momentum is mounting, in every drection incl. BDS a.s.o.

    Israel is loosing this in a way unpresidented in its short history, and they are themself to blame, and nobody else. They have lost all their sympaty a lomg time ago, its just not surfacede in the MSM, yet.
    It will, soner or later, it will bobble up to the surface, bobble by bobble.
    Its far to late to pinpoint single persons, this is bigger than that.
    Its world wide.

    Wake up Israel, because its just you who are still sleeping.

    “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”
    — Martin Luther King Jr.


  2. zazz at |

    Evil will not fall by the wayside as easily as you might think. The deception that has masqueraded as righteous under the banner of Israel is unlikely to dissolve without trying to dissolve the world with it too. This may not be so terrible if it means the wholesale destruction of a world order that has deteriorated beyond salvation; an order that the deception of Israel has infected for way too long.

    Am faithful that a new world order will one day be upon us, not as intended by today’s deceived and psychopathic world leadership, but according to the Divine’s plans for a new heaven and a new earth.

    To anyone awaiting a supernatural event to usher in the Divine’s new order, it may be worth considering, based on recent world events deemed unthinkable not long ago, that the supernatural may already be upon us, if not always having been within us.


  3. M at |

    As far as I see it, I hope the Arab spring will not only bring more Arab Countries against Zionism, but actually works for the people and manages to integrate people of ALL faiths in the area, and adopts a moderate (In fact Secularism is NOT the same as Westernism, because Secularism does NOT imply support for the West, nor does it imply atheism, in fact, Gamal Abdel-Nasser was a proud Muslim, opposed Zionism, and was Secular) government that can give those countries the ability to compete with their enemies in support as well as human rights and living standards and this could make support for them much more obvious. When Israel and the theocracies of Iran and Saudi fall, peace can become a reality.



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