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  1. monkcat at |

    Same fate for Aafia Siddiqui also. She was very well educated & from a very good family background.

    US punished her for 86 years imprisonment. If you want to know more about and what is going on around her
    you can read the below links…




  2. Helga at |

    Oh, but the American public is well aware. They just don’t give a shit or they agree with the treatment of Assange/Manning. Proof of the latter is widely spread on the internet.
    There are good people in the US, but not nearly enough and they don’t scream enough to be heard.
    This whole nasty affair has left the US with very few friends abroad.


  3. beijingyank at |

    Assange seems to have one trump card. Seems the former Chief Executive Officer for Bear Bank gave him two CD’s containing evidence of slush funds at the Vatican Bank. Seems almost every member of Congress has an account funded by Timmy Geitner’s U.S. Treasury there. Supreme Court Judge Roberts was mentioned having a billion dollars in his account. Please, dear God and the free press for a free world, make sure these CD’s see the light of day. I want to watch the Americans lynch these war criminal, torturing, baby killing, Congress critter thieves to light poles when they find out. Murder a couple of million Iraqi’s no problem. But when the dollar is no longer the reserve currency and they can’t afford to put gas into their car… and then inflation steals all of their life savings, then it will be a different ball game played with pitch forks, gas bombs, and rope.


  4. pabelmont at |

    On the criminalization front, let us all marvel with dread at the anti-terrorism law in the USA. It allows (but does not require) the government to list terrorist organizations on a proscribed list.

    HAMAS is listed, various SETTLER-MILITANT groups are not.

    Anyone (certainly any American, but perhaps anyone at all) who gives “material support” to a listed group violates the law.

    However, giving material support to a listed group even if widely known does not guarantee prosecution, as police (FBI, CIA, Police) and prosecutors are not required to prosecute all known crimes — the doctrine of “prosecutorial discretion” allows them to allow criminals to go free.

    One is well advised to view the government of the USA with dread, quite as governments of kings and emperors were once, and perfectly correctly, viewed by those who lived within their reach.


  5. Richard Carpenter at |

    We have to remember that 95% of Federal prosecutions end in conviction or guilty pleas. Innocence is no defense nowadays. Federal jurors come mostly from the suburbs and just want to go home. Anyone who looks like a thinker gets excused.
    To call President Obama an empty suit is an insult to empty suits.
    We hoped he would end the wars and abuses of George Dubya. It turns out we might just as well have elected the old drooling McCain.


  6. jerry gates at |

    DR Lawrence Davidson laments the furor surrounding US wikileaks truth tellers emanating from the bullies of empire.

    Human compassion for those who risk their freedom and or their lives to tell the truth about war crimes or US state department spy operations in the UN targeting Palestinian diplomats is great among the free thinking liberals of alternet, ICH,the major papers who covered Assange’s material and leftists whose minds are centered on transparency in national affairs and jurisprudence concerning criminals and the repercussions upon civilized society.

    Civil society in Palestine chose to rebuke zionist Israel for it’s intransigence in peace talks with a BDS and movement, non violent protests at the wall in Jenin and Nablus and raucous demonstration against war crimes in Gaza City by Hamas and Gazans en masses, and both societies have paid a price for their dissent similar to what Bradley Manning is undergoing now but for fifty years and counting and civilized society is starting to talk above it’s usual murmur in a rising crescendo of symphonic concerted shouting at the walls of injustice in many of the western worlds support bases of Israel and their press and diplomatic corps.

    It would not surprise me in the least if these shouts at the unjust “walls of Jericho”now rising in many nation dont prevail soundly against injustice and topple more than a few more gutlessly selfish zionsit pricks from their ivory towers. People power is rising up as the phoenix of the ashes of Moses, Yashua, Mohammed, Jefferson,Herzle,Marx, King and even the spirit of Ghenghis Khan understand where we as human beings stand today, on the very precipice of ruin should we the people stand down to such as strip our heroes naked in their cold cells”for their own safety> For Manning’s own safety he should be tried in civil, civilian courts as the Quantico command seems unable to respect his condition as grave and onerous to the world of witness. Is it any wonder the moniker assigned to the US national edifice of power is the great satan?

    Truth be told, when we mount our own Tahrir Squares across this nation their will be many added to Manning’s company and many others wont make that trip to jail but to the grave, as the US military injustices reaper counts only it’s own dead,let us pro- actively remember the martyrs great and small, the victims of unjust military actions who dont make the welcome home parades of conquering US armies.

    May I add the voices of all of the victims of unjust US military actions to this lamentation, allow me to add the brothers and sisters fallen in Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan,Dafur,Rwanda, Chile, Venezuela, Colombia,Argentina,Serbia Pakistan Libya,Egypt,Tunis,Bahrain,Jordan Yemen,and Germany, France and Russia, let us remeber them all as the risen in Christ are remembered as Martyrs ought to be hinoroed and ask for the freedom of our heroes from graves, cells and harsh conditions and ask together that if our voices are not heard in lamenting, let us protest these heroes greateness together forever and never relent from remembering that they sacrificed for US,we the people are loved and ought to return this love from whence it comes, to the brave, perhaps braver than ourselves, the martyrs fallen in unjust military operations are workers worthy of their pay and if no greater remuneration comes for them, our lamentations and prayers exalt them forever,ameen. March 19 people, we demand the fair treatment of Bradley Manning in rising shouts of protest together as his brothers and sisters, which we are.


  7. pete at |

    I doubt if O’bamastein is doing anything, he is just a figurehead who takes his orders from Aipac & Israel. If anybody out there thinks it is going to change,well i think your smoking some mind bending shit. Hopefully I am wrong. If anybody thinks this can change please enlighten me. Hopefully it will happen before I take the dirt nap.Lets face it America your leaders have sold you out.I wonder what would happen if those scumbags from westbound baptist church were to protest a young Jewish veterans death. [Though any veteran who gives his life for his country should be honored]The stink from congress would be overwhelming as we know.



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