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  1. Rolf Zemmer at |

    as you have so astutely written; “wars destroy” but they destroy not just physical things like buildings and human beings, they destroy society, they unhinge any and all societal glue that causes adherence to common decency and empathy in humankind.

    this is why the zionists foment wars. they did this over and over for three centuries globally, and always blamed the ensuing destruction on a fall guy or a scapegoat nation. but all wars have been fomented by zionists, who profit from these wars, the human misery and the ever increasing imposition of usury and slavery unto the vanquished populations.

    it’s astonishing that in my country, Germany, that the citizens here do not demand that the E.U. be disbanded, and that all of the central banks be closed and the debts be immediately absolved and forgiven, because it was all done by zionists to destroy not only Germany, but the rest of the world as well, and enslave it.

    we began to toss out undesirable non germans not out of racial hatred or jingoistic national pride, but because we found that our nation was being overrun by throw away russian zionist jews who were taking over everything here.

    the spread of global zionism and usury can be defeated. closing their central banks of usury, and throwing their debt away into the water closet, is the only way to fix this mess.

    and yes, perhaps locking them up, forever, when they are found, as well.

    russia is doing it. we can do it.



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