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  1. Anthony Clifton at |

    Zionazi Terrorists do not really qualify as a “Lawful Government”. Having endured Prof. Richard K. Armeys’ lectures on ECONOMICs for an entire semester, never once hearing of the “JEWISH PERFIDY”, er um Economic Terrorists operating a cabal of economic terrorist REGIONAL BANKS, and further having produced the results of a MASS MURDER investigation for Members of Congress, and the so-called Texas Delegation, [The Waco Mass Murder Case]…it became evident that Congressman Armey and all the “crack whore congress” [AIPAC] were working for the economic terrorists who paid them…1] – To look the other way, and 2] – To maintain DOUBLE STANDARDS…I always wondered as a young man, why Would Jesus love young Negroes, and Mexicans, and Asians, and Native Born Americans, but Hate Palestinians ? Something didn’t seem to be right with that one. Sure Education helps, but as a righteously indignant Texan, I have employed the confrontational method – ESPECIALLY IN PUBLICK – Try to shame the worthless – SHAMELESS “CRACK WHORES” for the Zionazi terrorists. Or whatever you find that actually works, and produces results, specifically someone who removes the stinky mud from their eyes and ears and can recognize a LYING MURDERER when they see them in REAL TIME..


  2. William Chandler at |

    Israel is the only country that doesn’t have to be multicultural yet the Jewish controlled American congress and big business demands it of America – meanwhile our country is quickly starting to look very third world. Its time to stop this now – AIPAC owns the American congress. I’m speaking as a non-muslim American here. America needs a third viable political party that is going to represent the rights of middle class Americans. AIPAC secures 3 billion dollars of American taxpayers money to fund Israel’s war of genocide against the Palestinians. Christian American youth are dying in the middle east for Israel and don’t even know what they are fighting for – they think its for a terrorist threat to America. What idiots we are – wake up America and take your country back from both AIPAC and the government that has been bought by them. Israel is a tick on our back…lets take back our country.

    IF, Israel wanted peace, it would FLOOD Concentration Camp GAZA with food and healthy economic activity. Did America launch massive assaults and shoot Black American Women and Children dead in the streets or use Jet Fighters and launch Artillery and Missiles into CIVILIAN areas? NO! Israel does so because Israel wants Ethnic Cleansing, NOT peace. Where is Israel’s Recognition of the PALESTINIAN’S RIGHT to EXIST!? Israel demands the Palestinians “repudiate” this and that …Does Israel REPUDIATE the TORAH???? Israel was White RACIST, APARTHEID, South Africa’s ONLY ally, trading weapons, torture techniques, NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY, with them. Today Israel continues Racist APARTHEID with it’s wall. Israel enforces laws that are straight out of Nazi Germany such as Palestinians must have different colored ID cards and license plates, JUST like the yellow stars the Jews WAIL about having to wear. Palestinians have to use separate roads, IDENTICAL to Black OR Whites Only drinking faucets.
    Israel and South Africa were virtually twinned as military allies for Pretoria helped supply Israel militarily in the immediacy of its 1973 setback and Israel came to support apartheid South Africa at the height of sanctions with weaponry and technology – from naval ships and the conversion of supersonic fighter planes to assistance in building six nuclear bombs and the creation of a thriving arms industry. Israel resembles apartheid South Africa at its zenith – even surpassing its brutality, house demolitions, removal of communities, targeted assassinations, massacres, imprisonment and torture of its opponents and the aggression against neighbouring states.
    Israel just PRETENDS to care about African Americans (but look how Israel treats Blacks at home), so they can STEAL the taxdollars that SHOULD have been repairing schools and infrastructure and providing police protection in the Cities. Year after year BILLIONS of African American Tax dollars buy more APARTHEID-suppression for the NATIVE PEOPLE of PALESTINE instead of improving life for the Black American People who earned those dollars.

    “It is unacceptable that nations made up of people who have only just come down from the trees should take themselves for world leaders . . . How can such primitive beings have an opinion of their own?” – Yitzhak Shamir, in reference to the black African nations who voted in support of the 1975 U.N. resolution, which denounced Zionism as a form of racism, in Yediot Ahronot, November 14, 1975.

    Thu, 26 Aug 2010 20:15 CDT © Jewish Middlesex
    Ethiopian Jewish student – not allowed to study at new school
    Several months ago, a religious school in the illegal Israeli settlement of Immanuel was criticized for segregating white Jewish students from non-white Jewish students in classes. Originally, the school was fined for this policy of racial segregation, because the school was state funded. Now, the Israeli education ministry has agreed with the white parents’ request to allow the school to continue with its racial discrimination under private funding.
    There is no law preventing racial discrimination by priyvate organizations, even schools, in Israel.
    The Israeli court has interpreted these laws to also apply to illegal West bank settlements, like Immanuel, which are located in areas that are supposed to be under Palestinian control. The Palestinian Authority does not allow racial discrimination, but due to the Israeli military occupation of the Palestinian Territories, it has no authority over the area in question. 74 white girls who have been studying in a building next to the school will now be allowed to study in whites-only classrooms that are privately funded, as their parents claim they do not want their girls to study in racially-mixed classrooms.
    Since Israel now demands a “LOYALTY OATH” of it’s citizens, the World should demand a LOYALTY OATH of all Jews within their borders, since they are NOTORIOUS for their DUAL-loyalties.



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