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  1. Nathan Hale at |

    I think you miss the boat here, Mr. Cook, as to the motive for the ‘why’ the embarrassment of the U.S., and the justification for the attack on Iran, and the shit splattering (pardon mai francaise) of everyone but Israel.

    so why is it, Mr. Cook? Do you not understand that for some heretofore unknown reason, that Israel/MOSSAD is WIKI-LEAKS?

    What part of Israeli Agenda do you not comprehend, Mr. Cook?

    To put it more clearly, does the name ROTHSCHILD ring a bell with you?

    I hate to beat around the bush, but clearly, you are not understanding that the only nation who is a beneficiary, or the ‘cui bono’ here, is Israel, and, with that, the Rothschilds banking cartel that is firming up the final stages of total enslavement of ALL NATIONS THRU USURY.

    Take a good hard look at the magnitude of the banking fraud, and the global looting and pillaging, and it won’t take you too very long to get the big picture here…and fully understand ‘why’ now this has to be done by Israel to get everyone’s eyes off the Rothschilds final looting of every nation’s cash drawer.

    This is ‘game end’ for predatory capitalism, played by Sir Evelyn De Rothschild. I’m astounded you cannot see it…no, actually, I’m pretty astounded you cannot see this, Mr. Cook.

    This is all a huge smoke screen to get everyone’s eyes off the real ball, and to legitimize endless war for the further enrichment and profit of one family, that controls most of the global banking.

    One family, named Rothschild.



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