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  1. pete at |

    Stuart, I couldn’t have said it better. On an earlier comment i did say if the U.S. practiced what it preached,s about human rights, The U.S. could have volunteered his with our military personnel on board to bring food &medicine to the Palestinians. I doubt Israel would have boarded one of our naval vessels looking for weapons that might be used by terrorists.But that’s wishful thinking. We cant afford to piss off Israel. I can,t help but wonder what we would do if a Israeli city was under the same type of siege as Gaza. Of course we would not do anything because we play fair with everybody. And there really is a Easter bunny.


  2. Fakhrul Ferdous at |

    May be the children of Gaza and West Bank are not human being to draw an attention of Charity Organizations,Bishops and Sponsors of X-Mas festival.
    They have no hope,no aspiration,no dream and no future.As a human being, we have no right to ignore them.

    Bill,Bush,Brown and Blair does not have any love for the kids of Gaza and West Bank– rather they have love for conquering the land murdering thousands of innocent kids there.

    Of course,SANTA will bring so many gifts for the kids of Palestine,but he will not be given ‘visa’(?) by the Zionist Israel to enter.
    Let Christmas bring more courage and mental strength to the kids to fight all injustice.

    I wish a very happy Christmas for the Palestinians especially the Gazans.
    Thanks to Mr.Stuart Littlewood.
    May ALLAH bless the Palestinians and all human beings on earth.



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