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  1. Birei at |

    I believe Israel killed Hariri. But this report does nothing to prove it. What are the sources and why are there no names named? More speculation is not helpful.



    Elias Reply:

    This article has more extensive details on proof.


  2. Berl Jay Hubbell at |

    The US has long used depleted uranium tipped projectiles to penetrate armored vehicles. Has the US given this technology to Israel. Israel has a nuclear program and presumably has such weapons they may have manufactured on their own.
    Isn’t there video of the incident that might reveal the path of a missile strike?


  3. Dawoodi Morkas at |

    Hamas and Hezbollah are two organizations that have evolved as a counter mechanism of the way the leadership in Palestine and Lebanon, were being undermined by the West, peoples power surfaced to demand their rights, as Israel was being given a free hand in the region, with all the major Arab countries silenced.

    People have to take out their frustration. Here there was no other way but to go for extreme measures and the people supported Hamas and Hezbollah in their respective regions and a revolution not forecasted by the Western Pundits emerged, in the form of legitimate electoral rule of people who were really the actors, who would fight for their rights and would bring about a revolution not liked by the West, or not in the books they had coined.

    Hariri was a target which the West choosed to malign the fighting force under Syrian influence, and to blame Syria for the murder of Hariri. Had Hezbollah carried out the attack there would be definitely a suicide element present, as both Hamas and Hezbollah don’t let the target live, and ensure human element‘s sacrifice for the purpose of a definite result.

    The manner in which Hariri was assassinated not only had no marks of either Syria or Hezbollah on it, as there were no suicide elements available, but on the contrary all the marks that it was carried out by the Israelis, to blame the Hezbollah and the Syrians.

    As for UN involvement, every body now knows is only obtained to give it a legitimate cover, as UN cannot give any statement against the Western nations and Israel, there being no provision in UN that could allow it such leverage.



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