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    I cannot believe that 39 of our elected officials would petition a president to free a convicted spy. A spy from any other country would spend his life in the slammer& rightly so. These 39 israeli asslicler should be forced out of office as they are in my point of view as guilty of treason as Pollard. Mr. obama show us the change you promised us, tell Israel to stick it on this one. Do you really give a shit if netanyahu likes you. Whats important is that the american people like you & respect you, which by the way they will if you dont cave in to bibi, booboo, baba, or whatever the fuck they call him. Is time for america to stand up for what is right & not for what is politically expediant.You come from az people who were totally oppressed for over 400 yrs. How can you stand by and watch the oppression of color only slightly lighter than your own people.Be the man we Americans thought you to be& stop caving in to a aparthied state like Israel. I am sure you have cringed in anger over your lifetime when confroted with the ‘n’ word. WELL I AM SURE THE ARAB PEOPLE DON,T LIKE TO BE REFERRED TO AS SANDNIGGERS AS I HAVE HEARD THEM RECENTLY REFERRED TO WHEN I WAS AT A JEWISH DELICATIAN LAST WEEK. Screw the congress i think you could gain enough popular support to throw those bums out.The U.S. people are getting sick & tired of giving away our money to Israel, when most americans cant even get food stamps. Grow some balls mr. obama.



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