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  1. Dennis L. at |

    I find it interesting that you ignore Syria’s “neo-colonialism” with its intervention in and the essential occupation of Lebanon and its support of warring factions in the centuries old conflict between the Shia and Sunni. You also chose to ignore the persecution of Christians within the Muslim world and Syria’s support of dictatorial regimes such as Iran which has its own “neo-colonial” aspirations. I won’t even mention Syria’s attempts at nuclear technology and I am sure that many Syrian ex-patriates have fond memories of democracy under the Assad dynasty. Where was Syria when Saddam Hussein was killing and torturing his own population and gassing the Kurds?



    Elias Reply:

    The request for Syria’s intervention in Lebanon was made by the Lebanese Government and the United States to put an end to the Lebanese Civil War. There is persecution against Moslems and Christians by the Israeli Government . In fact there are 23 Laws enacted by the Israeli Government that discriminate against Non Jews. As a Christian , I can tell you that in Palestine We have excellent relations with our Muslim brothers.
    As far as Saddam Hussein is concerned, I would like to also ask you , where was the United States? In fact Rumsfield visited Saddam in Baghdad, when Saddam Hussein was at war with Iran. As long As Saddam was working for U.S. Interests, they ignored everything he did.


  2. Dawoodi Morkas at |

    The people of Iraq and Afghanistan are suffering because the USA wants a foot in the Middle East that cannot be dragged out. The leadership both of the Democrats and the Republicans has the same agenda. The lives of the people of these countries are collateral damage, meaning of no significance. However, the consequences are felt by the Americans. Their economy is devastated and may be the new leader China would dictate the world policies in the era to follow.

    The damage that the USA and its allies have inflicted during the reign of terror that they unleashed on the world during their tenure of stewardship will not go unnoticed in the history, a time of poverty and that of deep poverty will have to be witnessed by the Americans too as there is an economic cycle unfolding to their detriment.

    The most that they should fear however, is the retaliation of nation whom they have harmed and who in the next round would most certainly be against them.

    The American people are fed news by the Jews controlled Media, and the leadership is fed news by the CIA and the Think tank both heavily infiltrated by the Jews and the Zionist followers.

    The people of USA including the leadership should actually go and meet people of the world specially people of the “Foe World”, so that they can get the first hand information from the people of those countries as to what and why they have negative opinion about USA and how can that be eradicated.

    The affairs of USA are more or less given on contract and are managed by the Lobbying firms or the Groups that have clouts and the machinery of the State is slaves of these power firms that hold the entire country hostage to their way of thinking or the way of thinking of their paymasters.

    The working class is just like the workers of an ant colony. They toil for the queen, here the queen are the Media, the Corporations, the vested and interested groups and those that have foreign or ulterior interest in the slavery of the American people to be kept as slaves.

    USA is arming Israel to its brink, and has been given arms as a tool of bribe to calm down the rhetoric of the AIPAC and other Jew Organizations to get the Media controlled by Jews in line with USA programs, however, the ever sleeping population of the West must understand that a war of words is now almost over, the war if any extended in the Mid-East, would be a final round, this has been understood by the Mid-Eastern side with utmost clarity.



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