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    I read the copy of this article at, where it was posted with the title of, “The Hariri Assassination: All Eyes on Lebanon”, Dec. 2, 2010; easily found through Rannie Amiri’s author index at GR. And I’ll assume, for this post, that the above copy is the same.

    It’s a very good and very important article, and it’s the first time that I’ve come across any articles specifying details of Israeli spies and providing a description or explanation for the assassination of former Lebanese PM Rafiq al-Hariri that strikes me as clearly illustrating that Israel was behind this murder and international crime. But it’s not the first time that I’ve read or heard of the false witnesses who were discovered. I’ll now provide a link for a RussiaToday video posted at Youtube Nov. 15, 2010, for a roughly 9-minute interview with Sheikh Saad al-Hariri. He and the RT host speak of the international tribunal, very briefly mention the false witnesses, and then Saad al-Hariri speaks of the debate in Lebanon about this case needing to be addressed by the Lebanese Cabinent and whether the case will then be handled by the Council of Justice or a regular court; Saad al-Hariri, et al, wanting a regular court while the Council of Justice is what others in the Lebanese government want.

    There’s no mention, or none that I noticed anyway, about the Israeli spies; however, Saad al-Hariri clearly and firmly says that Israel [is] the big problem in the Middle East, that it’s Israel that is responsible for the failure and, basically, non-existence of a real peace process. He says that Israel must stop obstructing or preventing peace in the Middle East. But neither he nor the RT host mention the Israel spies; unfortunately.

    The part about the international tribunal begins at 3:55 into the clip and this part is about Russia supporting this tribunal. This first part is short and is followed by relations between the governments of Lebanon with Syria’s and then with that of Iran. The rest on the assassination, and so on, mentioned in the above paragraph, begins at 6:11 into the clip, or maybe a second or two before.

    “Al-Hariri: Israel not fit for peace” (9:11)
    RussiaToday, Nov. 15, 2010

    The text RT included beneath the clip reads: “Israel is the main reason why the peace process in the Middle East failed, insists Lebanon’s Prime Minister, Sheikh Saad Al-Hariri”.


    Did Rannie Amiri know of what Saad al-Hariri said or says in this interview with RT before writing, “All Eyes On Lebanon”? If he did not, then would he still say and be able to explain that Saad al-Hariri holds Hezbollah members responsible for the assassination of Rafiq al-Hariri?

    Since Saad al-Hariri says that it was proven that witnesses had lied, I would think that blame would shift away from Hezbollah, but Rannie Amiri’s article tells me that this is not what’s happening; Hezbollah’s being blamed anyway. What bases would Saad al-Hariri have for continuing to blame Hezbollah?



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