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  1. How BoutThis at |

    Glenn Greenwald should join forces with Helen Thomas and continue to kick some serious RECTUM with the truth!

    And, hopefully, somehow, some way, a ‘real’ international criminal court that is not in the LAP DOG HAGUE, NETHERLANDS, will be convened somewhere, somehow, to look at these crimes against ALL HUMANITY and then serve subpoena’s and indict the scum who carry this out, and try them in absentia, if necessary.

    Screw the Hague and it’s phony I.C.C. which is zionist run and operated.

    We can do better than that. How about it, Glenn?? Join up with Helen Thomas and start the ball rolling for a REAL INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT THAT IS NOT RUN BY ROTHSCHILDS GLOBAL BANKSTER SCUM…after all, you two have the power, why not use it. Why not use it.



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