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  1. Fakhrul Ferdous at |

    BUSK separatists,KAREN rebels,IRA,Red Army,Tamil Guerrillas, — they are not called as fundamentalists or terrorists.When the question comes to Muslims –they are always called or labeled as terrorists– no matter whether it is independent movement or self defense or fight for justice or for autonomy struggle.

    The Palestinians are fighting for their right to exist in their homeland,fighting for a just society,protesting injustice,humiliation,atrocity,ethnic cleansing,illegal occupation,destroying home & crop fields,murdering,looting etc.etc. which have and doing by the Monster Zionist Israel since 1948.

    The 9/11 is a heinous act of MOSSAD.The truth will reveal one day.All peace loving Americans should demand a fresh and third party investigation of 9/11 incident.
    May ALLAH bless the Palestinians and all human beings on earth.



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