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  1. Al at |

    As a palestinian/turkish, I appreciate Erdogan’s concern, but..no thanks.

    Palestinians are so happy that he did his whole “1 minute” show, yet are unaware of what the AKP is.

    If Erdogan really wants to help, have him first call of israeli military excercises in south turkey, re-nationalize ports and enterprises sold to israel, and do proper deinvesting form israel itself.

    The hypocrisy is disgusting. He is nothing but a puppet of the CIA, fuelling conflict in the region so oil prices and arms sales go up.

    I hope the Arab world understands this and not just blindly support this man.


    Genghis Reply:

    You are not a palestinian or Turk.You are a shameles Zionist propaganda agent.Just a couple minutes ago i read the same comment on Haaretz : http://www.haaretz.com/news/diplomacy-defense/erdogan-turkey-will-not-remain-silent-if-israel-attacks-lebanon-1.326844
    Entry number 22.
    Israel is banned from every millitary excersices in Turkey.Turkey don’t join millitary manouvers where Israel are involved.
    I don’t know Erdogan but you are a Mossad agent.



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