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  1. kinky at |

    Get a grip, you fools. Al-Qaeda is CIA and CIA is Israel. End of discussion.


  2. pete at |

    Surely your not implying Israel would lie to the world. Shame on you you must be Anti-Semitic. Those will get us into another war in the middle east so our masters [israel] can soon control some more of the world. I don’t blame you for living inn japan. AT LEAST Israel doesn’t control the far east yet. OR DO THEY?


  3. Fakhrul Ferdous at |

    Who created Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda?
    It is the USA,for her own interests.The USA and Israel will done all hienous work by the AL-QAEDA– so that, it become easy to blame Islam and Muslims–the way they blames Saddam Hussain for WMD and invade Iraq.The next target is Yemen.

    Who knows,the MOSSAD and CIA might discover Al-Qaeda in China and North Korea in future.But it wouldn’t be so easy.

    The planet earth will be destroyed by the hands of these two evils-Zionist Israel and USA.

    May Allah bless the Palestinians and all human beings on earth.


    pete Reply:

    You may be very right Fakhrul, I have believed for some time that the Zionists will be the downfall of the United States of America. And you are right everybody seems to blame Muslims for every terror incident. I was born christian but I have a few Muslim friend who fervently follow the teaching of Islam & let me say I have the greatest respect for there beliefs. They pray 5 times a day, how many Christians or Jews do that? You are a good man Fakhrul & may god bless you always


    Fakhrul Ferdous Reply:

    Dear Pete,
    Thank you very many much for your compliment.
    Praying five times in a day is not the only thing to do for becoming a good Muslim.There are lot of things which are inter related and Muslims should perform.But,ironically to say that, the maximum Muslims of this world have derailed from the actual teachings of Islam.And,that’s why they are having a lesson.
    May ALLAH bless you,the Palestinians and all human beings on earth.


  4. Dawoodi Morkas at |

    Most probably Bin Laden is dead. Most probably now his organization is run by either the USA CIA or the Pakistan ISI? No one knows for sure, yet the assumption is rife that the war in Afghanistan is being fought by the American with an elusive foe who is no where to be seen nor any where to engaged.

    Al-Qaida supporters occupy town and cites in Afghanistan they have their own way of justice and they dispense that justice in the presence of the USA force. There is no difference in the time of the Al-Qaida rule of Afghanistan and the current Afghan Government in the shadow of the USA. People are suffering the same fate that had started some time ago by the Taliban.

    There are other splinter groups that have made the life and limb miserable for the USA, Israel and the West, but the main casualties of these terror planters are the Muslims, albeit, it is said that the Muslims killed by the Al-Qaida are the Muslims who side with the foes.

    The groups activity in Yemen is a blessing for the Arab world as there would be added focus on the lands which are usually ignored by the West, it is only when these areas become the bastion of the terror plotters that the USA and the West seems to focus on them, providing much needed aid and assistance that they the ordinary people really deserve, take the case of Pakistan where the aid flow is being pour in like a stream has open in the heaven of foreign funds for the poor Pakistanis and Afghanis.



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