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  1. Dawoodi Morkas at |

    Israel is the greatest of the Fascist States that the world has seen. Israel takes pride in killing women and children.

    Israel has blocked the food supply and raw material from reaching factories and workplace to strangulate the economy of the people of Palestine. Israel is cutting the tress and destroying the agriculture to make the Palestinians leave the land they were born and bread.

    We must raise our voice and concern towards the plight of the Palestinians and cause the Zionist regime and its cronies the USA and the West to make amends in the ways of a peaceful existence for the Palestinians.

    Moosad’s finger prints of terror are also evident on the 9/11 and other terror strikes in USA and the West, which they blame on the Islamist/Jihadist.

    Moosad works for the disenfranchisement of the rest of the world form the allegiance they have formed with the Islamic world.

    The way the peace loving people who are defending their rights are being termed as terrorist. Every human has the right to defend himself and his abode with the responsibility of the safety of his family and friends.


  2. hilari at |

    So how much is Hasbara paying these days, “McCabe”, or would you rather be called Izzy?


  3. Martin Küchen at |

    What is totally lacking in this otherwise mind opening overview is the mention of Iran; how the iranian ambassador in Baghdad from time to time is said to run all the REAL decision making concerning EVerYthIng of importance in Iraq, how Al-qaida is funded and trained in Iran, how the Mahdi army is supported heavily by Iran, how the whole secret prison system in Iraq is flooded by iranians as torturous interrogators etc etc I think Iran and Israel obviously work together to kill of the iraqi society as we once knew it, using the US/UK troops and command to fulfill this goal…
    regarding the massacre at the church; here what i got in my mail box a few days ago;


    Ibrahim Ebeid , Iraq Palestine Committee

    November 14, 2010

    Iraq, known in history as the Cradle of Civilization, never knew terrorism. Security, progress and pursuit of happiness were enjoyed by all its citizens and residents until the Cradle of Civilization was invaded and occupied by the dual occupiers of the odd couple, the United States and Iran. Their intent was to weaken Iraq, rip it apart, and to destroy it. They would not be content until they eradicated Iraq’s Arab identity and stole its wealth as spoils of war.

    The chief terrorists, Maliki, his Dawa Party, the Badr Brigades, the Supreme Islamic Council of Hakim and others were trained and financed by Iran and installed as “rulers in the “Green Zone” by the United States. They and their sectarian militias are behind the mass murder that is occurring in Iraq on a daily basis.

    The attack on the Lady of Salvation Church was designed and executed by Maliki and Iran. A reputable source, Munathamat Al-Rasd wal Maloomat Al-Wataniah, an Iraqi monitoring intelligence organization, informed The Iraq Palestine Committee with the following information:

    Murtaza Kashmiri , a high ranking commander in the Iranian Itlaat planned and supervised the criminal attack on the church in Baghdad with the approval and blessing of Maliki’s office headed by Sadeq Al-Rikabi a close confidant of Maliki.

    Al-Rikabi is a long time Itlaat agent who was recruited in 1986, his code name Abou Jaafar al Iraqi. He took part with Dawa Party in bombing and blowing up the Iraqi Embassy in Beirut on December 15, 1981.

    Seven people were recruited to commit the crime; two of them knew about the plot between Itlaat and Maliki, while the others only knew that they were going to participate in a “jihadi” mission. All of them were salafis, fundamentalists, close to al Qaeda operating in Chechnya. Only the leaders of the group, Ahmed al-Shishani and Sibghatullah, fought in Afghanistan and Iraq with al Qaeda, which is financed by Iran.

    The terrorists were instructed to attack a church. They were given a cell phone number to contact, supposedly belongs to the Ministry of the Interior and were told to speak classical Arabic demanding the release of prisoners in Egypt. The phone number was that of Baghdadia Television, belonging to Awn al-Khoshlook. For this agreement, al-Baghdadia was paid $150,000. The coordinator was Abdul Hameed al-Saleh who received $30,000 sent to his account in Damascus where he lives with his cousins.

    One of the terrorist was instructed to blow himself up to make the operation a genuine terrorist act .The rest of the terrorists would have stayed three days in the church to conduct negotiations. But the order from Itlaat to al-Maliki was to eliminate all the terrorists immediately so none of the terrorists was allowed to exit alive.

    I, Ibrahim Ebeid, a Christian Arab, lived and worked in Baghdad for a few years in the 1970s and visited Iraq before and after. I never witnessed or experienced any discrimination or of any indiscriminate killing under the Ba’ath. All religions were treated equally. Saddam Hussein helped finance the building of churches, as well as maintaining and renovating them. Christians were part of the fabric of Iraq, They held high jobs; they served in the Armed forces; they were pilots, engineers, doctors, and educators, who participated in building Iraq until the Americans and the Persians invaded the nation. They spread terrorism and destruction. Not only Christians are under attack, all Iraqis are. Bombs fall on civilians while mosques and other places of worship are being blown up. Terror is all over, conducted by the militias and gangs of the sectarian government and parties that the US and Iran support.

    Mr. Obama is not serious about ending the war in Iraq. He continues to support the sectarian terrorist regime of Maliki and others who were created by Iran. More than 50,000 US troops and 100,000 mercenaries are still terrorizing the people of Iraq. The war has not ended.

    If Mr. Obama is concerned about the state of Iraq and wants the Iraqi people to enjoy democracy, security and prosperity, he should recognize that the Iraqi National Resistance is the one entity that is capable of achieving these goals, not the agents in the Green Zone.”



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