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  1. Ben Dover at |

    you cited Lockerbie in your story, and how would people react to that here?? Well, let me tell you about how people react to that here. They shine it on. They don’t care that more than 280 people died, due to a CIA bomb gobbed up on a fuselage stringer in the forward cargo hold of that plane, not in a boom box per the setup of Al Magrahi, another patsy like Lee Harvey Oswald was on November 22nd., 1963, ironically, another CIA murder. Just one of many, in that coup d’etat that ended the true American experiment with at least ’5′ rifle shots fired from a myriad of places, including the ‘Grassy Knoll’ there in Dealey Plaza that morning.

    And we have a puppet, and I do mean, ‘puppet’ with the full force of what that implies, in the Whore House as I call it, which is appropriate as it is bartered and sold to high paying visitors much in the same way as any prostitute is in any city in any part of the world. Again, it’s another ‘illusion’ of power and strength, when in fact, the wielders of the power and strength are in Tel Aviv and in London. They used to, long ago, be known by the name of Bauer. But the ‘puppet’ at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has no more power, with all his drone murdering and extrajudicial assassination decrees, than any ordinary ‘Punch and Judy’ marionette. He’s controlled by these zionist jews known by their new name, as ROTHSCHILDS.

    So, that’s my answer to you. It’s not too short, but it’s clear. The men who blew up your Hariri, were the same men who ostensibly collaborated with the CIA to blow up our John F. Kennedy.

    Nothing is what it appears to be. Everything you see and hear and smell is a huge huge collaboration of conspiracy puzzle pieces which are designed to keep you both mollified, and mute, in times of universal deceit and mass murder.

    Your picture of Hariri’s murder soon will look amazingly familiar in U.S. cities, as the ‘puppet’ begins to murder U.S. citizens with his robot drones.

    All at the behest, of Israel.


  2. Miguel Grande at |

    Ben Dover is exactly correct and quite eloquent. My first thought upon seeing the bomb site was that it created a huge crater. After working on a demolitions crew for a year, I knew that a car bomb could not create a crater. Explosives would explode outward and upward, leaving a charred mark on the road. A crater can be created by burying the charge and will be very precise to he centimeter. Another way to create a crater is to use a missile which penetrates the road and then explodes outward and upward. The forensic scientists who investigated this assassination and deduced a car bomb did it, should be arrested for being an accessory after the fact. Demolitions are a science (see 9/11 and WTC 7) and the science is being ignored.

    The other factor is motive. The Zionists are the obvious perpetrators. It took me 30 seconds to solve this murder at the time.



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