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  1. Fakhrul Ferdous at |

    Dr.Ghanem may be right.But,I don’t think it is going to happen soon-unless and until the shit Abbas and Fayyad realizes it first,that ,they need a national consensus to unite under one umbrella of freedom movement- a close ties with Hamas,PFLP,PA and others.
    Otherwise,this ‘Peace’ game of Zionist Israel and US-WEST will continue for ever.By this time more Palestinians will be ousted from their land,take refuge to neighboring countries.And, Israel will occupy more land to expand its border.

    Dream of an independent-sovereign country Palestine shall be fade during the course of time.
    A two state solution is impossible at this moment as there exists few hundreds of enclaves like areas of Israel within the Palestinian territory.Moreover, the question of Right to Return can not be ignored– which should be the first condition of Palestinian statehood.

    Better, think of one country –Palestine,once it was and it will remain as one country where everybody will live with equal rights.

    If it is not acceptable for Zionist Israel,tell them to leave Palestine and go back to their country of origin from where they come.
    Thanks to Mr. Jonathan Cook.
    May ALLAH bless the Palestinians and all human beings on earth.


  2. roalston at |

    Israelis are evil and vile. They bleat on and on about the holocaust but carry out their holocaust against the palestinians. The Israeli ethnic cleansing of Palestinians is exactly the same as the Nazis.



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