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  1. Fakhrul Ferdous at |

    It is not only the Obama administration,who is supporting Israeli support the Zionist settlers to terrorize Palestinians–it is the whole US Govt.administration supporting the terrorist country Israel since 1948.It is a never ending game.

    So-called peace process is a cheap political tactic to hinder freedom movement
    of Palestinians and to allow some time to Israel for implementing settlement plan and transfer more Palestinians from their
    ancestral land.If the Israeli plan goes on like this,the state of independent Palestine will never come true.

    How much land does Israel need?They can kill more Palestinians,but they can not kill the hope,aspiration and togetherness
    with their homeland.Hitler tried to kill the Jews,he failed–the Israelis will be failed to oust the Palestinians from Palestine.Thousands of Palestinians will die for a noble cause.

    Thanks to Dr.Elias Akleh.
    May ALLAH bless the Palestinians and all human beings on earth.



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