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  1. Mossad Boy at |

    Another Israeli ‘cucaracha’ afraid to come out into direct sunlight to play, huh?

    so typical. Tzippi Livni also had a case of ‘cucaracha-itis’ herself recently and had to flee London before someone got their meathooks on her with a subpoena for WAR CRIMES.

    this is so typical of Israeli filth. Hide in the cover of darkness. Spread your evil Protocols of Zion against all ‘goyim’ everywhere, under the cover of darkness.

    harvest organs. murder children. scream ‘HOLLOW COST’ at the top of your lungs while you’re killing innocent men, women and children with White Phosphorous weapons.

    last but not least, smash women with bulldozers who are protecting Palestinian homes. yeah…that’s Israel in a butt-shell.

    but someday…the light will catch you all and you’ll be where the show can smash your sorry cucaracha asses!!!



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